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11 Things Invented By Black People That You Didn’t Know About

The Traffic Light, invented by Garrett Morgan

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America‚Äôs First Clock, invented by Benjamin Banneker

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The sofa bed, invented by Sarah Goode

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Automated Elevator doors, invented by Alexander Miles


The blimp, invented by John Pickering

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Clothes Dryer, invented by George T. Sampson

Image result for clothes dryerImage result for george t sampson

The toaster, invented by Ruane Sharon Jeter 

Dustpan, invented by Lloyd P. Ray

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Ice Cream Scooper, invented by Alfred L. Cralle

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Lawn Mower, invented by John Albert Burr

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3D movies, invented by Alice H. Parker 

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Mail box, invented by Phillip Downing

Four rural mailboxes.Image result for philip downing

Potato Chips, invented by George Crum

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Home security system, invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown

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Super Soaker, invented by Lonnie G. Johnson

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