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3 Artists Who Should be on Your Radar

Scrolling through Spotify after shuffling the same three albums is quite a tasking experience. Inundated by brand new names and genres, it can be difficult to zero in on the few who pique your interest. However, embedded in Instagram self-promotions and “New Release!” playlists are a few who create exciting and complex music. Discovering these artists is the best way to expand your taste and support the brands of smaller musicians. 

Streaming services are dominated by big-name artists, whose releases garner universal support, regardless of its quality. Those with smaller platforms struggle to make their names known in an industry catered to keep the biggest brands, like Drake and Ed Sheeran thriving. Originality and risk-taking are not attributes typically associated with stars, so exploring the work of new performers is vital to avoid falling into a trance of repetitive and mind-numbing melodies.

The New York state rap scene finds its base largely in the five boroughs, primarily Brooklyn, but Che Noir, a 26-year-old from Buffalo, has the potential to shift the narrative. Her throwback sound, which shines through in her most recent album, As God Intended, provides engaging and provocative content about life as a black woman in Buffalo. Tracks The Apple and ‘94, specifically, display Noir’s tremendous talent and introspective lyricism which grasps your attention and refuses to let go. Noir’s skill is a breath of fresh air from the boring, redundant melodies and lyrics of modern hip hop. Che Noir is a captivating talent whose raw skill coupled with her attention to detail will continue to surprise you after every listen. Che Noir on Spotify

In the rock scene, The Backseat Lovers, from northern Utah, are a young group that stand out thanks to their vast range of tones and aptitude for infectious riffs. Their debut album, When We Were Friends, serves as a cohesive display of their affluence for both aggressive, passionate ballads and tranquil tunes, perfect for writing a paper. With some members of the quartet at just 20 years old, their willingness to experiment with intricate melodies is intriguing, specifically the track Dugout is a shining example of their affinity for complex songs that feature rocking instrumentals. Tracking the evolution of a band as promising as The Backseat Lovers is sure to be a compelling journey. The Backstreet Lovers on Spotify

Versatility is perhaps the most coveted attribute to a musician, and few embody the word more completely than Elujay. The 21 year old from Oakland draws on elements of R&B, hip hop, pop and indie to craft his unique sound. With tracks perfect for any mood, his 2016 album, Jentrify, serves as a poignant story of a kid eager to explore and find his place. Elujay’s impressive vocal range paired with his constant inflection allows him to glide over both jazzy and poppy instrumentals flawlessly. Reciting tales of infatuation over soulful beats, tracks like We Don’t Mind and Can’t Wait are cohesive displays of Elujay’s specific skills. Elujay on Spotify

For those still yet to burst onto the main stage, every new member of their fandom is cherished. Those willing to experiment with sounds that differ from those featured on the charts rarely garner the attention they deserve. Through tremendous skill and inspiring passion, Che Noir, The Backstreet Lovers, and Elujay are shining examples of artists without a grand platform producing a fantastic, unique sound.

Sandy Tecotzky is a 10th grade journalist. He enjoys writing about music, sports, and the arts. In his free time, you can catch him practicing his Spanish, watching baseball, and hanging out in the park with his friends.

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