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Lower Schoolers Ready themselves for the Winter Sing

Ms. Cibrano conducts a rehearsal in the Chapel


We are all familiar with Packer’s Upper School winter festivities that take place the day before break, but what are the Lower Schoolers up to?

On December 14, Packer’s first and second graders will arrange themselves on the Chapel stage to perform well-rehearsed songs of festivity and on December 24, the third and fourth graders will do the same. They will perform for their families, friends, peers, and teachers.

Packer has upheld the tradition of performing a “Winter Sing” every year around the holidays. In the Winter Sing the grades of the Lower School preform winter-themed songs, and share family traditions about the holidays.

Sara Baumrin’s second grade class has been learning the necessary skills for the Sing with their music teacher, Ms. Pamela Cibrano, since the beginning of the year, and the Winter Sing is a chance for them to get to show off all they have learned.

“Each class we build our concepts into the repertoire that we’re doing for the concert,” said Ms. Cibrano. “Whatever the concept or skill is that we’re working on, say it’s half notes or the pentatonic scale, we will find it within our songs, or I’ll find repertoire that helps support their learning.”

Though the winter themed songs are a focal point of the Winter Sing, it encompasses many other components as well. The audience will also get to experience the pleasure of hearing the third and fourth graders show off their recorder skills.

“With one of the pieces that we’re doing we’re including their ‘orff’ instruments as well, and we have some general percussion instruments that go along in both of the Sings to help compliment our singing,” says Ms. Cibriano.

Students also practice with their teachers to share anecdotes about their winter experiences up on stage.

“Some friends share things about a sleigh ride they might have taken, or a family tradition that they have, so in that way it becomes personal for the students, so we try to make everybody feel included and supported.”

In the end, the reason why the Winter Sing turns out so well every year is because of the passion Ms. Cipriano has for teaching her students about music and for the event itself.

“Overall the recurrent feel is the sense of joy that the students have, and joy being on of our core values here at Packer,” says Ms. Cipriano. “It’s really special for me to always be a part of that in the Lower School.”


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