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“A family is like a small business”: Ozark Review

A once normal, suburban family has their life turned completely upside down after clean-cut father and husband Marty Byrde makes a promise to launder millions of dollars for a Mexican Drug cartel. From the dark and corrupt streets of Chicago to the dark and corrupt lake of the Ozarks- Marty and the Byrde family find themselves in all sorts of trouble. This summer destination has no shortage of interesting people. As the show progresses and we explore all that the lake of the Ozarks has to offer, we are introduced to more and more fascinating characters. Outside of the quite twisted Byrde family, Marty must band together with other locals and outsiders of Missouri to keep his family alive. Through trial and error, Marty must decide what is most important to him: the protection and safety of his family or a better quality of life. 

Though I would not recommend it for those who are uncomfortable with mature themes, I began watching this show with my family. It’s obviously not common to watch such a dark series with your parents but we enjoy our deep discussions about family and sacrifices after each episode and deciding if we will give in to the cliffhangers. First created in 2017, Ozark released its most recent episode on March 27 on Netflix.

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