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All American Season 2 is Back and Better Than Ever

With the release of the second season aligning with the start of quarantine, it seems that the Netflix hit show, All American, was binged by the majority of Packer students within days. 

So, what’s new in season two? Do Olivia and Spencer act on the subtle flirtation they had going during season one? Does Asher become a better teammate, or does he give in to his own selfish desire for success? Does Billy tell Spencer the secret he has been keeping at bay for years? Each of these questions are answered within the sixteen episodes of season two, and with it comes drama, heart-break, and love.

 This show seamlessly intertwines both heavy topics such as classism and family divides, with light topics, such as high school drama and gossip, to create a balance for the viewer. Watching it, I noticed that many of the issues the characters face shed light on the problems that our society faces today such as racism and classism.

 If you watched the first season, I would highly recommend continuing for the second, as each character’s storyline develops dramatically, and some new cast members shake up the dynamics between Spencer and his friends. Already greenlit for a third season, All American is 100% binge-worthy in my book. 

Liam Wilson Mackenzie is currently a sophomore at the Packer Collegiate Institute and is a reporter/layout editor apprentice for the Prism this year. This is his first year on the Prism. Liam is politically engaged, but always includes creativity and art in his work. He is also a dancer! Liam can be reached at

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