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Ariana Grande’s positions Album Review

In Ariana Grande’s fifth studio album, Thank You, Next, the singer expresses the emotions after the loss of a loved one and heartbreak. After the release of the album, Grande embarked on the Sweetener World Tour to support both albums, Sweetener and Thank You, Next. The album received four Grammy nominations and received high praise from the album.

However, in her most recent album, Grande turns to a more positive light. The singer released her sixth studio album, positions. She sings about finding new love and her emotions with her new partner, from anxiety to lovesick giddiness. There is also a shift from her usual pop sound to more R&B elements, London on da Track producing on the lead single of the album, positions.  

The singer shows her vulnerable and lovesick side of her feelings towards her new significant other. In songs positions, motive, west side, and obvious, Grande talks about her infatuation with this person and how she is acknowledging her feelings for them.

Ariana Grande speaks on the sexual aspect of her new relationship with hits, my hair, 34+35, and nasty. Ariana sings in 34+35 about her sex drive and expressing this to her partner, “I don’t wanna keep you up; But show me, can you keep it up?” In nasty, Ariana sings about her desperate need for her partner’s affection and touch and her willingness to go all the way. In my hair, the singer is “letting her hair down” literally and figuratively, discussing her intimacy with her significant other.

Grande also expresses her fear and insecurity about getting into this new relationship. In jams like six thirty, safety net, and off the table, speaks about navigating a new relationship following the loss of a loved one, similar to songs on thank you, next. On the sixth track of the album, Ariana Grande sings about a new partner and her worries about her intimidating past trauma affecting this new relationship asking her partner, “Are you down? What’s up?”. In safety net, featuring Ty Dolla Sign, Ariana shares her fears over her feelings for her new partner, “I’ve never been this scared before; Feelings I just can’t ignore”. In off the table, Ariana Grande questions getting into a new relationship with The Weeknd being her partner and assuring her that he is there for her. 

On the opening track, shut up, Ariana Grande shifts away from the romantic feel of the album and comes for her critics, specifically in the chorus, singing “So maybe you should shut up”. With the closing orchestral strings, the song a visual opening for the album.

In all honesty, I give this album an 8/10. There is no song on this album that deserves to be skipped. The way Grande portrays the emotions of getting into a new relationship after facing trauma is realistic and is even better with the smooth R&B and trap elements.

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