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Grade: 12 (‘19) Anya Fonstein is currently a senior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and the Web Content Editor for the Packer Prism this year. Anya joined journalism as a sophomore because she saw it as a way to voice her opinions to the community, as well as a way to learn about Packer in an active way. Anya looks forward to writing for The Prism in her senior year, and is eager to bring her two years of experience writing for the Prism to the coming editions. In addition to writing for The Prism, Anya is also involved in creating Packer’s Arts and Literary Magazine, Packer Current Items, and a member and a frequent member of Inquiry Club, STEM Club, and Jew Crew. She is looking forward to writing for The Prism in the 2018-19 school year! Anya can be reached at