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Awesome Netflix Shows

Disclaimer: this article is about Netflix and may trigger traditional television network users. In 2007, Netflix released their new business model that would change traditional streaming forever: video on demand via the internet. Although Amazon, Hulu, and Youtube are all competing in the same field, Netflix has been ranked superior and has used their money, power, and resources to begin creating original series, and boy have they been a success!

If you’re a new Netflix user and need some radical shows that will consume your life, this is for you! My personal favorites are Big Mouth and Black Mirror. Big Mouth is an animated TV show that one might assume is for tiny children, but don’t be fooled! Although some aspects of the show resemble children’s television, the raunchy humor and graphic animations cause it to be rated TV mature. The storyline follows a group of 7th graders, including best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, as they navigate their way through puberty. It covers a large range of topics that have rarely been brought up on television before in such a blunt and clever way, making the show very relatable and respected. Although comedy takes up majority of the show, almost every episode has a serious undertone, giving the show a platform to discuss issues in an informal way. If you don’t have that much time on her hands and just want a 20 minute laugh, Big Mouth is for you! If you have too time on your hands, great, Big Mouth already has two seasons and is currently creating more!

If you’re not in the mood for laughing and want to challenge your brain cells, Black Mirror slays. There are 19 episodes that range from 40-90 minutes, so get cozy kids! The episodes are stand-alones and set in the near future or an alternative present. Many episodes explore the darker and twisted aspects of technology and its collision within humanity. My favorite episodes are “Nosedive” (season 3, episode 1)  and “Arkangel” (Season 4, Episode 2). “Nosedive” is an exaggerated and futuristic spin on people- rating, which lately has taken over many businesses including Uber and Postmates. Although the episode solely regards people-rating, which has yet to become a common phenomenon in this decade, there are some overlaps making this episode extra scary. “Arkangel” also shows negative aspects of technology in a magnified light. There are many heavily used apps that provide access for people to track their friends/family such as Find my Friends, Faminolet, Snap Map and many more. Arkangel displays this invasion of privacy in an extreme way. A worried mother puts a device in her daughter’s head that ultimately acts as an extra pair of eyes and a tracker that monitors her whereabouts. Due to this being incredibly creepy, the daughter runs away and shatters this device, leaving the mother alone with no access to her location. I personally have loved every episode, but if you only want to dedicate a couple hours to this show, I heavily recommend watching these two episodes.

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