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Big Sean is Back (And Here to Stay)

After a three year hiatus from music, Big Sean returned with a bang as he released his long-awaited album, Detroit 2

The album is an introspective exploration of the city of Detroit through Big Sean’s eyes. Sprinkled through the album are anecdotes from Detroit legends: Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu, and Stevie Wonder. This engaging way of storytelling gives the album a unique blend between music and spoken word.

A common theme throughout the album is Big Sean’s struggle with mental illness and how he became a stronger person because of it. A track that exemplifies this is his collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle titled “Deep Reverence”. Sean says “In high school, I learned chemistry, biology, but not how to cope with anxiety. Or how I could feel like I’m by myself on an island with depression on all sides of me.” Later in the song, however, he sings, “I got pressure on me, seven days a week, it’s game seven on me, life’ll test you out, you live through that, that’s testimony.”  For many listeners, hearing an artist talk about experiencing similar hardships to them can make someone feel less alone. 

Another great track, ZTFO, features Sean truly being happy and not letting others’ opinions define him as an artist and person. The song also contained uncredited adlibs from Travis Scott which was a really nice surprise.

Another track with similar themes to ZTFO, is Don Life, featuring Lil Wayne. Both Big Sean and Lil Wayne go back and forth with braggadocious lines about their success and perseverance through adversity.

The most disappointing track was definitely “Friday Night Cypher”. Before listening to it, one had to be excited about all of the Detroit artists featured on the song, like Eminem, Kash Doll, and Tee Grizzley. However, no verse was really that memorable and the song droned on for nine and a half minutes.

Detroit 2 was an amazing ode to Big Sean’s hometown and listeners will be reliving his stories and experiences for years to come.


Charlie Susser is currently a junior at the Packer Collegiate Institute and a staff writer for the Prism this year. This is his second year on The Prism. He joined the Prism because of his interest in journalism and sportswriting. Charlie is a member of the Varsity Baseball team and is a tour guide. You can reach him at

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