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Bored In Your House? Yup, We All Are.

Photo: Adda’s recreation of The Last Supper

We’re all in the same boat here: stuck in our houses for about a month now and frustrated with the lack of substance in our lives. My days have been primarily taken up by going on daily walks, aggressively checking news outlets, and binging my favorite Netflix shows. Given how often I’ve started thinking about interesting ways to cope with quarantine, I’ve figured out that all you need is an abundance of time and a severe case of boredom to get creative.

One perfect indoors activity is making art. There are plenty of art projects that are bound to be enjoyable and stimulating. I’m sure most of us have a pencil or marker and a piece of paper lying around somewhere that could be used to draw, paint, or sketch. Take inspiration from the many talented artists in our own community. 

Dylan Ng (‘20) has been doing small still lifes of objects around the house: “I’ve been doing art to take my mind off of things. It’s been quite relaxing to do after school and it’s a great way for me to get off my computer after seven hours and just chill.” While your paintings may not be as impressive as Dylan’s, it’s still worth trying. 

Adda Jones (‘21), also utilizing her artistic abilities, has done one of the most creative things I’ve seen in a while. Adda and her family recreated Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting, The Last Supper, right in her dining room.

 “My grandparents wanted to have a little competition between my family, so they decided to ask each of us to recreate a famous painting. My family decided on The Last Supper because of the really long dining room table in our house. We had a lot of fun making it and it was hilarious to call my cousins and grandparents and see what their families had come up with.”

If you happen to be artistically challenged (like myself) and can’t fathom producing something even remotely respectable, there are other options, like cooking. Abby Marriott (‘21), a gifted chef, has spent a considerable amount of time in her kitchen these past few weeks. Scones, naan bread, rigatoni alla vodka, and a ricotta carrot tart are just a few of Abby’s recent culinary endeavors, with the most incredible being her handmade agnolotti (a fabulous form of ravioli). 

“I’ve been trying to express myself at home with both food and art. My family and I have been cooking a lot [during quarantine]. I made a great dinner last night of homemade agnolotti with a pea filling cooked in a pea and bacon sauce. It was delicious and [cooking] in general is a great way to steer away from being on your phone for the whole day.” 

While many of us may not be as talented and ambitious in the kitchen as Abby, cooking is a good skill to have and quarantine is the perfect time to master it. If you’ve never scrambled an egg or flipped a pancake, now is your chance! The gratifying moment of tasting a meal that you’ve prepared is something that will surely brighten an otherwise boring day. 

Maybe you’ve already made art and cooked a lot, or maybe you’re just not interested. If so, you can research ways to help out those in need during this crisis. There are endless ways to help (besides social distancing). 

You can donate to local hospitals and/or health clinics online on websites such as GoFundMe. You can also support your local businesses by donating online and support your favorite small restaurants by ordering delivery/takeout if they are open. 

And last but not least, you can volunteer. While volunteering during this time can feel scary and unsafe, many organizations can’t survive without help. As I’ve recently learned, both Citymeals and God’s Love We Deliver need people to deliver food to homebound New Yorkers who are elderly or immuno-compromised and can’t leave their homes. Check out their websites to see if they need volunteers in your neighborhoods! If you haven’t been sick the past few weeks or haven’t been around someone who has been, these are great opportunities to pass time while also giving back. 

As for me, I crave variety and have been doing a little of everything these past few weeks to fill my days. While some of my culinary and artistic creations haven’t turned out all that yummy and pretty, they’ve kept me occupied and brought some laughter back into my life—especially during kitchen meltdowns when I dump too much olive oil in the pan or overcook my pasta. I talked to Ella Marriott (20’) who also incited some humor into her household when she impulsively dyed her hair pink. India Brecht (21’) did too when she taught her mom to TikTok.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something that will make you laugh. At least in my life, that’s been the most important way to get through this quarantine and make it feel the slightest bit more cheery and hopeful.

Daniel Biro is currently a sophomore at The Packer Collegiate Institue and is a reporter for the Packer Prism this year. He joined the publication noticing a lack of content regarding fashion and style. This is his first year in journalism and he hopes to one day have his own column. Daniel is a member of the packer track and field and debate team this year. He has an extreme passion for fashion with big hopes and dreams for his future fashion career. He will never be caught not dressed to impress. In his free time he can be seen rewatching Call Me By Your Name over and over again. Daniel can be reached at

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