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Climate Change: We Need To Act Now continued

Upper School Science Teacher Lutz Holzinger thinks that “there is almost nothing more important at the moment than addressing this crisis because it is so all-encompassing. It threatens your future and your children’s future. If you do not do anything, it will result in such extreme inequality for people who really did not contribute to this issue. Those people will suffer the most and first. And that is the outlook that we have based on science, not based on politicians, opinions, or activists, but science.”

He goes on to say we need to go further than just composting. “Talking about composting and recycling is almost a diversion that takes away from the real responsibilities we have and that the corporations have. The corporations, by condoning [composting and recycling], they have shifted the conversation away from themselves. We recycle plastic, but why do we still produce plastic?”

Although it is crucial that people remain positive, there needs to be a certain amount of fear instilled in every member of society to inspire universal action. We must keep raising our voices in protest and lobby politicians to discontinue their routine apathy because the fate of humanity lies in our hands. Mr. Holzinger asserts that “if we do not do anything about climate change soon, then there is no future for humans on this planet.”

Amelia Killackey is currently a junior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and is one of the layout editors for the Packer Prism this year. Amelia continues to pursue journalism in hopes to expand on her love for writing and politics. She is also very passionate about truth in the media and hopes to translate this into her articles. Amelia can be found at Harvard Model Congress or Model UN. She also loves skiing and debating about current events. She is excited to contribute new ideas to the Prism. Amelia can be reached at

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