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Corrupt Candidates and Dysfunctional Debates

By Asher Bank

While one might think Packer students would be entirely anti-Trump, the community has commonly voiced a negative view on the presidential process as a whole. Students are upset most by the disrespectful and inhumane way the candidates spoke to one another. Although a common low-point of the election wasn’t a specific scandal, Packer was still enraged by several things said and done by both parties. We asked over 60 students what the most embarrassing part of the election was and recorded their responses. Without further adieu, these are the four most common.

  1. The least common response was about the actual physical features of the two candidates. When asked what was the most embarrassing part of the election, nine people responded with physical flaws.

“The most embarrassing part is [Trump’s] spray tan,” said Silas Rock (‘19).

Several people who prefered to remain anonymous said that Hillary’s fundamental flaws are her uncanny resemblance to lizards and her lizard-like attributes. Much more serious responses are soon to come, but these are important because they give us insight into how some students at Packer view the election.

“The fact that everyone takes [the election] as a joke, even though it is really important scares me,” said Will Zygmuntowicz (‘19).

  1. Rated as even more embarrassing, at 14 votes, was Trump himself– both the fact that Trump has gotten this far in the election process, and even more concerning, simply that Trump is running for president in the first place. Some students expressed shame that America has allowed someone like Trump to get this far.

“Having Donald Trump get so far is really embarrassing. The fact that someone as corrupt as Trump as the Republican nominee is just embarrassing,” said Jack Mason (‘19).

  1. The most surprising responses were the 16 students who said the debate as a whole, on both sides, was the most embarrassing.

“The two candidates we have, aren’t fit to run the country,” said Kai Cedeno.

Several students and faculty members thought both candidates and the debates as a whole were disgusting.

“The most embarrassing parts of the election are the debates because neither candidate, and I love Hillary, really answers the questions,” said Sascha Lewit, (‘19). A passionate Hillary supporter.

  1. Over 60 students were asked what they thought the most embarrassing part of the election was, and almost 35 percent had one clear issue they were most ashamed that a nominee is disregarding brags of sexual abuse as “locker room talk”. Trump dismissed his former comments about forcibly touching a woman’s genitalia as insignificant, causing people around the country and especially in the Packer community to question Trump’s character.

“Trump insisted that his comments were just locker room talk. That is just disgraceful, no one talks like that,” said Julia McCormick, (‘18).

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