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COVID-19 Oral Histories – Nick Morton

For the past few weeks, Packer’s Upper School History Club has been working on an oral history project that documents the Packer community’s experience with COVID-19. Through 30 minute interviews with various people in the community, we have been recording people’s feelings, thoughts and stories about this global pandemic. In addition to posting select parts of the interviews to the Prism website in both transcript and video form, we are also archiving these interviews at the Brooklyn Historical Society so that we can keep a visual and written record of these testimonies for future generations. As for now, we hope this project is a way for people to stay connected and share their unique personal stories. Each week, new interviews will be posted, so keep coming back to learn more about your classmates’, teachers’, and colleagues’ experience during this difficult and unusual time. We hope you enjoy! 

-The Leaders of History Club: Sadie Sadler, Amelia Killackey, and Nick Yohn

Nick Morton: Assistant Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions and Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Interviewed by: Nathalie Pridgen

Nick Morton: Assistant Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions and Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Interviewed by: Nathalie Pridgen

Q: As everyone has different personalities, do you think that COVID-19 works for your personality? Do you think that working from home works for you or do you find it difficult?

A: [Head shaking] No. Um, [pause] so [pause] it’s funny over spring break I actually took a volunteer job at the supermarket that I shop at um to shop for people in need and to deliver groceries for people in need and I work from 3 o’clock to 8 o’clock 4 days a week. Um [pause] because I needed to get out [laugh] I just knew being locked up I would be [pause] crazy and you know I have too much energy. I’m like a uh I have the energy of a young puppy and soo you know instead of just running up and down my new apartment [laugh] I figured oh maybe I could get outside and yeah do something else. Um [pause] so that’s [pause] I’m not necessarily the person who can survive and thrive being locked up [laughter]. 

Q: You talked a little bit about sports teams, have you missed them as a source of entertainment? 

A: Oh yeah definitely [laugh]. Um you know I a uh I’m a big baseball guy and I just miss baseball. I and I also have my [pause] um [pause] I run my own travel baseball organization and I have a bunch of 11 10 and 11-year-olds that are not playing baseball right now and I cannot wait to see them again and hang out with them and go to tournaments an and you know let them play and stuff. But [pause] obviously I want to be smart with it, and so you know but no I miss it so much [laugh].

Q: What does your typical day look like during quarantine?

A: Yeah so it’s [pause] been different as uh when we first started to where we are now umm. When we first started it was [pause] okay how long are we going to be in this, um you know trying to figure out what we were going to do for the new student orientation. And whether or not that was going to be remote or on campus. Umm and things like that. I think as this developed we’ve [pause] my role from admissions has shifted from admissions more towards financial aid because this is uh hit a lot of families, unfortunately. And you know I’m fielding emails and calls daily from multiple families about the aid that they might need emergency aid and the impact that this has taken, so you know really my [pause] role now is more trying to help out the Packer community the best I can.

See more of Mr. Morton’s interview in the video below:

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