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Election Day 2018: What you need to know

The 2018 midterm elections are today and the intensity is growing to a fever pitch. It seems like the only thing everyone is talking about. Have you not paid attention to this election? I don’t blame you, but as many members of the community will be going into the voting booth on Tuesday, here are a few of the storylines watch on election day.

What’s At Stake

As of now, the Republican Party has control (a majority of the seats) in both the House of Representatives and Senate. Paired with the Presidency, this means that they can pass any law that the entire party agrees upon. However, this can drastically change after election day. All 435 seats in the house and 33 senate seats are up for election on Tuesday. In most midterm elections, the party that does not hold the presidency “wins” the election and many predict this year will be no different as many think that the election will bring a “blue wave” of Democrats to the capital. As of right now, Fivethirtyeight, a statistical website, gives the Democrats almost an 85% chance of taking the house. However, in the Senate, Democrats must defend most of their seats, leaving little room for improvement and a little room of taking the body; Fivethirtyeight gives only a 15% chance of that happening.

Here are some of the races to watch


Washington 8th

New York 11th and 19th

Kansas 6th







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