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Fighting Fire with Fire Does Not Work, Noah Cyrus

Harry Styles wore a dress for Vogue and now a lot of people are mad. One of those people being Candace Owens. The author and political activist went to Twitter, upset about his Vogue cover and her anger with society for allowing a man to wear such clothing. Owens asks that we need to bring back “manly man” and argues that “terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ were created by toxic females.” Of course, her response caused an uproar as people argued against her statement and stood up for Styles.

One of those people was Noah Cyrus. The singer-songwriter posted the Vogue cover of Styles in a dress with the caption, “he wears this dress better than any of u nappy a** heauxz.” The caption caught the attention of many with Cyrus’s use of the word “nappy”. Twitter users brought up how the use of her words was racially charged, considering that Owens is a black woman. Owens tweeted a response to the post: “Any one of woke liberals care to explain to me how @noahcyrus calling me a ‘nappy a** h**’ is not racist?”.

After seeing the response from her post defending Styles, Noah Cyrus posted an apology on her Instagram story: “i am mortified that i used a term without knowing the context and history, but i know now and i am horrified and truly sorry. i will never use it again”. However, some people genuinely do not believe Cyrus’ apology and that she did not know the intent of her words. 

One Twitter user tweeted, “She literally used it in a derogative way. She used it IN CONTEXT. She used it with her CHEST. I’m so Tired of the apologies. Imagine being mortified of offending someone when you purposely posted it to offend them. Wack.”

Whether or not Noah Cyrus knew exactly how racially charged her use of the word “nappy” was, her words left a negative impact on others. At least she claims to have learned her lesson.

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