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Ford Vs. Ferrari; An Underrated Film

“That feeling when you reach 7000 rpm, it feels like your floating. You are going so fast that everything around you slows down.” Car races are far more intense than I have ever known; 24 hours of nonstop sweating, tire changes, and chaos. Ford vs. Ferrari, a beautiful film directed by James Mangold had me reaching for tissues.

Ford vs. Ferrari is simply about Ford against Ferrari at one of the most well known races, Les Mans in the backroad of Southern France. This is one of the most strenuous 24 hours races known, racing not on a track but on countryside roads. Taking place in 1966, Ford Motor Companies based in Michigan has almost lost all their sales and needs a plan to avoid bankruptcy. Lee Lacocca, an employee of Ford proposes an idea to Henry Ford Ⅱ and the board that Ford Motors should create race cars and help save the near bankrupted, Enzo Ferrari who has spent all his money building the unbeatable, nearly perfect  race cars. Ferrari declines as they were already in the process of being bought out by bigger and better companies. This leaves Ford in need of a new plan, Carroll Shelby. Shelby, known as one of the only Americans to ever win Les Mans assists Ford in building the best race cars with the help of Ken Miles. Miles, who has a passion for building cars let alone racing them teams up with Shelby. This incredible film follows the journey of the known to be ‘challenging’ driver, Miles and his right hand Shelby on their way to beat Ferrari and their known to be pageant looking beasts. 

This is the type of movie that you could see multiple times within whatever span of hours. The beautiful landscape and heart aching story have you feeling sad and angry but completely encapsulated for the entire two and half hours. “This movie has done both incredible men justice. The beautiful sport has never been celebrated and understood, it can be hard to understand. What is so great is that no person can relate unless they know what 7000 rpm feels like.”, was said anonymously by a Packer student and I couldn’t agree more.

India Brecht is currently a Junior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and a reporter for the Packer Prism this year. During her 9th grade english class she developed her love for writing and was exposed to the creativity and community that Packer holds. Additionally, she is the captain for the girl varsity soccer team. She is never caught without a coffee in hand! India can be reached at

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