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Golden Globes: Fashion Review

Best Dressed

(Left to Right: Viola Davis, Issa Rae, Priyanka Chopra, Mandy Moore, & Olivia Culpo)

Not afraid to make a bold statement, Viola Davis was walking on sunshine as she shined in this amazing yellow dress.

Issa Rae looked absolutely stunning in this white, carefully beaded, Christian Siriano dress as she graced the Golden Globes red carpet for the first time.

Priyanka Chopra’s attire was very fitting; she wore a sparkling, gold dress as she walked down the red carpet.  

Definitely a head turner, Mandy Moore looked stunning in this deep, sheer cut Naeem Khan design.

Looking as though she was a walking piece of art, only Olivia Culpo could pull off such an interesting, vibrant dress.


(Left to Right: Dev Patel, Brad Pitt, Eddie Redmayne, Mahershala Ali, & Matt Bomer)

Nice and simple, Dev Patel wore a well-tailored classic men’s suit.

With a surprise appearance at the Globes, Brad Pitt looked close to perfection in this satin peak lapel suit. #TeamBrad

Adding a little spice to the night, Eddie Redmayne wore a classic double-breasted suit.

All I can say is that Mahershala Ali looked incredible as he rocked a one button deep peak lapel.

Straying away from the classic peak lapel suit, Matt Bomer decided to wear a shawl collar suit, which definitely did him justice.

Worst Dressed

(Left to Right: Janelle Monae, Riley Keough, Carrie Underwood, Anna Kendrick, & Sarah Jessica Parker)

Someone please find Cruella De Vil, because we just found the 102nd dalmatian and her name is Janelle Monae.

A bit rough on the eyes, Riley Keough’s optical illusion dress was a huge misstep.

While the pink was very flattering on Carrie Underwood, the ruffles seemed to be slightly overpowering and the detail made it look as if a pink animal crawled onto her shoulder.

As much as I love Anna Kendrick, this grey Vionne gown was not flattering, especially since the over the shoulder strap made the dress feel unbalanced and incomplete as there definitely should have been two straps.

Capturing the essence of a distressed runaway bride, with a failed attempt to resemble the famous Princess Leia braid, Sarah Jessica Parker decided to wear a dress that seemed unfinished as the sleeves hung from her bare shoulders.


(Left to Right: Pharrell, John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Tyree Henry, & Jonah Hill)

Definitely in need of a new stylist, Pharrell’s jeweled cross-body strap and beanie were a serious no-go.

You’d think with many years of walking the red carpet, John Travolta would get it right, but his suit was extremely distasteful — it didn’t fit and his tie was crooked.

Time to take a trip to the tailor, or maybe just to the store, because Cuba Gooding Jr.’s  awful plaid suit was not only incredibly painful to look at, but did not fit.

“Let me just add this beaded necklace to make this already ugly velvet jacket even more ugly,” said Bryan Tyree Henry.

In a boxy suit and suffocating white shirt, Jonah Hill should definitely be running for the hills in this suit.

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