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Greys Anatomy Fans Weigh In on Season 17

Mark your calendars, cancel plans, and buy your popcorn. The new season of Grey’s Anatomy premiers on November 12th. Season 17 will surely have as many twists and turns as 2020 itself. The long-running series will be a welcome addition to the Thursday evening lineup considering many shows have stopped production during the pandemic. Dedicated fans who suffered through deaths of main characters, unplanned pregnancies, emergency surgeries, and love triangles are counting down the days until the two-hour premiere airs. With the excitement comes predictions:

 Anonymous (‘23)

“I think Bailey is going to be sick, there was a hint of that in the sneak peek. I also think that Meredith will go out with the new peds guy, “McWidow”. I think the upcoming season will be crazy.” 

Melchior Azalone [age 15] 

“I think that Owen will leave Teddy because she is a cheater. She and Tom will get married. There is going to be a love triangle between Meredith, the Irish dude [McWidow], and Andrew. I really hope she picks the Irish dude. I don’t know what will happen with Jackson, maybe him and Jo? Richard is going to leave Catherine and might commit suicide like Ellis Grey when Richard left her.  Anyways, I am super excited.”

Sasha Casey’23

“First off, I think that Richard’s health problems will get worse, COVID-19 could possibly be the reason for further complications. We will also learn the name of Amelia’s baby, my bets are on “Derek”. Another prediction that I have is that Jo is going to have a breakdown about Alex, she has been handling it so well, but ultimately she is bound to lose control. Lastly, I think that we will get a diagnosis for DeLuca.”

Ryan Lidsky’23

“For this season of Grey’s Anatomy, I think that Richard will have some health problems and that he and Catherine are definitely not getting back together. Going onto Meredith. I think that Grey’s will end in the next season or two and it will end with Meredith starting to have Alzheimer’s or early-on-set dementia. I also think that Teddy and Owen will not be together and that there is a possibility that he will go after Christina again just to get him off the show. I think the main plot of the season will have to do with DeLuca and Meredith and he would actually have an illness or something like that. I’m just excited for the new season!”

Zoe McFarland’23

“There will be at least one coronavirus episode. The show is literally about doctors, nurses, and hospitals. I hope none of the order characters in terms of age gets it. It would be sad to see Richard die because of complications from his hip surgery and then the virus making it harder for him to get better. I am super interested in seeing what Amelia is going to name her baby… maybe Derek? That’ll be a nice tribute to her brother even though he kind of bullied her when he was still alive. Rest in peace McDreamy”


“Jo is going to lose it because of Alex, she went off the rails last season. It was kind of sad but she bounced back with Meredith’s help. As usual, the director always kills someone off but I hope it’s not DeLuca or McWidow, I kind of want to see how their relationship with Meredith will play out. I vote for McWidow. He’s new and nice and super Scottish so it will be a nice twist to the show especially if l Maggie ends up wanting him.”

Talia Hartman-Sigall ’20

“Meredith and McWidow, they will definitely be a couple. I predict that Teddy will not be with Owen or Koracik because she will be heartbroken once Owen leaves her and she just needs to get Koracik out of her system. I don’t think she genuinely likes Koracik, just the idea of him. Amelia will definitely name her baby after Derek. I bet Amelia and Link will move in together because Link wouldn’t want his son to grow up like he did. Maybe if Christina or Alex came back for this season, Meredith would end up being single but it won’t be as sad because she will have her person. As for Maggie, she will end up with the guy that she met at the medical conference, who trained under her as a doctor. His name is Winston Ndugu. It will be a great love interest.”


“The show can not avoid talking about COVID-19. I think COVID will be the underlying situation in each episode but it won’t completely dominate the show’s season. I think Grey’s Anatomy is a great show that people watch in order to escape their real life. So much happens that the directors won’t just make it where we are watching our lives for the past 7 months play out on the screen because I wouldn’t want to watch it then.”

Some of these predictions seem plausible and others seem a bit far fetched. Tune in to see whose fandom takes the prize.

Zola Narisetti is currently a sophomore at the Packer Collegiate Institute and a new reporter this year. This is her first time working for the Prism and she is super excited to write more about current events. Zola is on the girls junior varsity volleyball team and varsity swim team. She enjoys singing, playing the piano, and rewatching Ugly Betty. Zola can be reached at

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