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How I Became An Urban Farmer During a Pandemic

I was bored. 

My senior year is essentially over. I’m missing out on all of the end of year festivities and spending time with people who I love in a place that I have called home for the past 13 years. I am devastated. 

I thought, how can I make my quarantine experience more enjoyable and less horrible? What have I wanted to do for a long time but was never home long enough to do it? Only one thing popped into my head: chickens.

I have wanted chickens for a long time. My parents had always said no because taking care of baby chicks takes a lot of work and requires someone to be home at all hours of the day. Using my sadness over my senior year as leverage, I got my parent’s approval for Operation Baby Chick. 

I came across a website called The website had everything I needed to start a baby chick brooder as well as the baby chicks (yes, they were delivered in the mail, a very suspicious looking USPS worker handed me a small cardboard box that was cheeping). I built a coop that I bought the parts for on Amazon. 

It has now been three weeks with the baby chicks and I cannot emphasize how good of an idea this was. They’re adorable, hilarious, and not that hard to take care of. We are three weeks away from fresh daily eggs and I am so excited!

Eleanor Roosevelt at 2 weeks old. Eleanor is the biggest chick of the bunch (she’s a Flower Hen), and she’s very bold and loves to try and fly.
Frittata at 2 weeks old. Frittata is very spunky and is a little bit weird looking (she’s a Black Orphington) but we love her anyways. She frequently tries to fly, however, she’s not very good.
This is Porridge at 2 weeks old. She is also a Flower hen, but unlike her sisters she is a little less bold and more reserved. She loves sleeping and drinking water.
The coop in my backyard for when the chickens are 4 weeks old. I got this on Amazon and put it together myself. It took a long time.
The brooder set up. This is my dog’s old crate, with paper towel and pine shavings on the floor and a waterer and feeder.

Maddie Gunnell is currently a senior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and the social media editor and Cylinder editor for the Packer Prism this year. Last year, she was the photo editor and is excited for her second year at the Prism. She hopes to make the Prism more accessible to the Packer Community, and broaden the web and social media content. She loves History and writing, and is extremely passionate about journalism and its importance in today’s society. Maddie loves her dog more than she loves the rest of her family, and most of all loves taking pictures of her dog. Maddie can be reached at

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