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Introducing Our 2020-2021 Executive Officers!

Cheers of laughter and support echoed around the chapel on March 11, 2020 for Student Council Executive Officer Elections, despite the uncertainty many students felt at news the week had brought. Voting was wrapped up at 6pm to reveal that our new executive officers had been elected: Abe Rothstein (‘21) as President, Georgia Groome (‘21) as Vice President, and Frayda Lieber (‘21) as Secretary. 

Abe Rothstein is no stranger to Student Council; having served as a Secretary for Packer this year as only a junior, he is ready to take on a new role with heightened responsibility.

“I [want] to be able to have an influence over the student body and to be able to be a voice between the student body and the administration,” Abe said when asked why he chose to run for the position. He believes that his previous work in activism, especially for the gun control movement, will assist him in taking on the hefty role in his senior year. 

“I think being able to work with other people also outside of Packer and speaking with elected officials is an important skill,” Abe said. “Communication is one of the things I’m stronger in, as well as being able to speak to people in my intent to understand [their] needs.”

While Abe was the sole competitor for the position, there is no doubt that the obvious comfort he displayed in his speech, including taking hold of the microphone and walking to each corner of the chapel stage, was appealing to many voters.

Abe would like to continue Packer’s conversations around mental health as well as to carry on the pads and tampons initiative. He would also like to push for three levels of math classes to ensure that students can feel comfortable learning at their own speeds in their own ways.

Incoming Vice President Georgia Groome will approach her role with a slightly different perspective. Also a practiced Student Council representative, Georgia said, “I don’t want to come in with predisposed ideas [about] what I want to do personally, because I don’t think it really matters what my personal beliefs are but more the beliefs of the general public and the ideas that they want to focus on next year.”

However, Georgia does agree that she would like to continue past Student Council work, especially more acknowledgement of religious holidays which she worked passionately for this year. She is disappointed that further progress this year may have been impeded, but remains excited to “actually produce tangible work” next year.

Georgia believes that the leadership positions she has held at Packer so far will set her up well to take on this new role, including being a Peer Supporter, club leader and team captain.

“Figuring out how to improve the dynamic of a group of people and make it a space for each individual to feel the best that they can in that moment is something I’ve been working towards in the past few years in various different methods,” Georgia said.

Frayda Lieber believes that her experience at the High Mountain Institute, a semester abroad program, will serve her in becoming Packer’s new Secretary in the 2020-2021 school year. 

“You go on these expeditions and grow so much as a person, but I think you also become really experienced in working in a group, in making group change, in figuring out the dynamics of a group and how you fit into a group and what your role is as a leader and a follower,” Frayda said. She added that her time working with the Kindness and Civility Council for the Class of 2021 will likely also help her as she navigates how she will be a leader in the Packer community. 

Also a sole competitor for her position, Frayda’s humorous approach to her speech, including a “Critical Reviews” slide, had many voters laughing. Regardless, she did not let her admirable humor impede her message of how she would improve our community.

“I want school to be fun and I want people to come to school excited for something to happen. I think that there’s a lot of work to be done with the Packer community,” Frayda said. “I think that there’s a lot of potential and space for improvement around creating a more healthy, inclusive, happier Packer culture.” 

Next year’s executive officers will be tasked with leading the Packer community as any others, but it must not be ignored that they will be taking on the added challenge of reacclimating students and faculty to daily life at Packer after several months of remote learning. Nevertheless, there is every reason to trust in their experience and passion for their future positions and believe that Packer is in good hands for next year.

Madeleine Farr is currently a sophomore at the Packer Collegiate Institute and is a reporter for the Prism this year. This is her first year on the Prism. She joined the Prism hoping to expand her journalism skills and learn more about the role it plays in communities today. In addition to writing for the Prism, Madeleine enjoys reading, art, playing volleyball for Packer, and going to Vivi Bubble Tea with her friends. Madeleine can be reached at

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