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Is Love Really Blind?

Amid all the turmoil going on in the world, many of us have been holed up in our homes watching Netflix. Besides Tiger King (which was fantastic), the American public has had their eyes glued to Love is Blind.

Love is Blind is a dating show which features 20 contestants who get to know each other in an unconventional way. They interact in “pods”—little rooms where the contestants can hear each other, but can’t see each other. The eventual goal is for the contestants to  get married and start a life together.

After a week of awkward conversations, there were six proposals this season: Barnett and Amber (made for each other), Jessica and Mark (…), Diamond and Carlton, Kelly and Kenny, Cameron and Lauren (goals), and Damian and Giannina.

After the engagements, the remaining couples went on vacation and met with each other’s families to see if they were prepared to get married. The couples navigated issues relating to race, age, and sexual orientation. Seeing how these couples interacted with these issues gave the world an inside glimpse into dating in 2020.

For example, Jessica and Mark really struggled with their 10 year age difference; unfortunately, that was a dealbreaker and they did not proceed to get married.

The public is not taking the show too seriously. There have been numerous memes that have come from the show. One of them shows the aforementioned Jessica allowing her dog to drink wine. Another makes fun of the fact that Lauren and Cameron said that they love each other 37 minutes into the first episode.

The show has also faced criticism over the fact that many think that the whole cast of the show is attractive, which doesn’t actually prove that “love is blind.” Twitter user @TheresaMacphail said that “Love Is Blind on Netflix is ridiculous. Everyone on this show is good-looking. Get me some truly unattractive people and then we’ll see how “looks” don’t matter in the end.” Another piece of criticism is that Love is Blind exposes people’s vulnerabilities for the viewing pleasure of others. This was a problem While Love is Blind is not perfect, it is creating conversations about what is truly the most effective way to date in the modern world.

Charlie Susser is currently a junior at the Packer Collegiate Institute and a staff writer for the Prism this year. This is his second year on The Prism. He joined the Prism because of his interest in journalism and sportswriting. Charlie is a member of the Varsity Baseball team and is a tour guide. You can reach him at

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