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Joe Biden’s Supporting Cast

Amid all of Donald Trump’s efforts to impede on the election results, Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. However, the presidency is not just a one-person job. The president usually has up to 25 close aides and advisers in a variety of roles including Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Ambassador to the UN. For Joe Biden, having a diverse group of people in his ear will make his agenda supportive to all Americans, not just the ones who voted for him.

Here are some predictions of who may be in these roles come January.

Secretary of State: Susan Rice

Susan Rice has spent years in the White House. Could she make a return as  vice president? - ABC News

Susan Rice has been a part of the State Department for a long time. She served in both Obama administrations, first as the Ambassador to the United Nations and second as a National Security Advisor.  Rice recently published an Op-Ed in the New York Times in which she acknowledged how President Trump’s inability to concede the election puts American security at risk. If chosen, she would be the second woman of color to hold the role.

Ambassador to the United Nations: Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Ends Historic Presidential Bid : NPR

After a remarkable presidential campaign, Pete Buttigieg has set himself up for success in Washington. After endorsing Joe Biden at the beginning of March, it seems likely that he will receive a position in the president’s cabinet. “Mayor Pete” would be perfect for the role of Ambassador to the UN as his background as a Navy officer and is renowned for his public speaking skills. If Buttigieg were to secure this role, he would cement himself as one of the new faces of the Democratic party.

Secretary of the Treasury: Elizabeth Warren

Warren urges Biden to cancel billions in student debt without Congress -  Business Insider

Elizabeth Warren made a great impression on Democrats during the 2020 primaries. Warren built her campaign on progressive ideas such as healthcare for all and raising the minimum wage. Senator Warren’s economic intelligence will serve her well in this role. Also, having a staunch progressive in Warren will be key in promoting leftist ideas in an administration led by moderate Biden.

Secretary of Housing + Urban Development: Keisha Lance Bottoms

Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms contracts COVID-19

Keisha Lance Bottoms has already proven her worth to Joe Biden as she was on his shortlist for Vice President. Bottoms has been remarkable in her tenure as the mayor of Atlanta, rising to national prominence as a result of her cities handling of many of the protests in June. Mayor Bottoms’ influence was also a major role in flipping the state of Georgia blue. If selected, Mayor Bottoms would be the second black woman to serve as the Secretary of HUD.

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