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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Review

If you’ve ever heard the line “Oh ho? You’re approaching me?” in either English or Japanese, then you are already familiar with a wonderful anime. This anime, known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is more than just a meme, however. It’s an ongoing epic about the Joestar family’s struggle against an undead force spawned from the power of an ancient and mysterious Aztec mask and controlled by the evil Dio. (It’s called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure because every descendant of the Joestar family is given a name that can be nicknamed “Jojo.”) 

Much of this anime is based around fighting and epic combat, and every character speaks like a Yakuza member for effect. If you put aside how silly they sound when they speak like Yakuza members and let yourself be immersed in it, it actually becomes something you will sit on the edge of your seat for. I know when I started to watch it, I thought it would be an anime I would hate, but it turned out to be one I couldn’t stop watching. 

I would recommend this to anyone (even those who hate anime) because the plot is very interesting, the voice acting is superb (if you get over the Yakuza voices), and the animation style is great. None of the fights take too long and are usually condensed into one, maybe two episodes.

There is a small warning, however. The show can be a little dark at times, and if that’s not your thing, then you might want to watch out for that. Arms are ripped off, Dio gets his whole body destroyed at one point, leaving only his head, zombies are obliterated, Dio gets cut in half at another point, and much more. Again, this can be a bit gruesome, and this isn’t recommended for everyone. I assume this is why this anime is rated TV-MA.

Overall, great anime, couldn’t stop watching.

Antonio “Tony” Mota is currently a junior in the Packer Collegiate Institute and the head of the technical side of the Packer Prism wesbite. He has written for the Prism before and is excited to continue contributing and to start managing the website. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his friends, playing video games, browsing Reddit memes, or watching Netflix. A fun fact about Tony is that he aims to be trilingual, as he already knows English, Latin, and is beginning to learn Chinese. Tony can be reached at

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