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Mr. Cardella Provides Comic Relief

Every year, millions of people move to the Big Apple with dreams of making it big in entertainment. Bryan Cardella has made his move to New York, but performs for a much more interesting audience– Upper School students

Mr. Cardella, a new but now familiar face at Packer, grew up and lived most of his life in California. He never thought he would move to New York, except when he was dreaming about being a stand-up comedian. Despite his California roots, he adjusted very quickly to life in New York and as a biology teacher at Packer.

“I have had a great time at Packer so far due to the unique culture here,” said Mr. Cardella. “I am astounded by how the average student is always engaged as a default, because at my old school I had to think of ways on how to engage the student. However, now I am able just to focus on the learning aspect of being a teacher.”

Mr. Cardella’s love of comedy began as a teenager watching Saturday Night Live (SNL), which inspired him to try his hand at stand-up. He has had multiple performances and even got to open for Robin Williams in 2007. Although it was not for SNL, life and family managed to bring him to New York after all.

When he started college, Mr. Cardella thought he wanted to be a surgeon, but after realizing that the time commitment and workload would be all-consuming, he decided to pursue a biology degree instead. His first job out of college was at a Catholic school in Los Angeles, which was when he realized that he wanted to continue teaching for years to come.

Currently, Mr. Cardella lives in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea and has had a seamless transition thus far.

“I found the atmosphere here to be extremely lively and animated,” said Mr. Cardella.

Mr. Cardella is a passionate teacher who cares deeply about his craft. Despite being new to Packer, and to the East Coast in general, Mr. Cardella has jumped at chances to enter the Packer community as the faculty mentor for Earth Club and by joining the faculty band.

“During [the] orientation, [Mr. Cardella and I] both got confused about the schedule one day and ended up missing the bus for a faculty outing to a bowling alley!” said fellow science teacher Kofi Donnelly. “We finally made it and ended up on the same team along with Mr. De Jesus, and our team earned the high score for the day!”

“I have always loved Mr. Cardella’s enthusiasm in the classroom, which makes the class extremely engaging. Mr. Cardella has a passion for teaching, which leads to a more interesting and fascinating class,” said Max Ingerman (‘18).

Noah Goodman, a senior in his second year on the Prism, is co-editor in chief for the Packer Prism.


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