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Ms. Evanoff: What can’t this woman do?

From time to time, we all can be found complaining about the busy nature of our lives. However, arguably the woman with the fullest schedule, always maintains her gracious and friendly personality. Loryn Evanoff amazes us all, as a new mother, dean, teacher, and soon to be college counselor, there’s nothing this woman can’t do.

“My role in Packer has helped me be a better mother and being a mother has helped me in my role in the Packer community,” said Ms. Evanoff. “I look at parents and students, and I want to help now even more than I did before I had my baby.”

While her work experience may have been good preparation for motherhood, Ms. Evanoff has found adjusting her sleep schedule to suit her baby Edda’s needs to be the biggest challenge.

“The hardest part is that now I have to wake up so much earlier to get my daughter ready for her day,” said Ms. Evanoff. “Between being at work and at home, there has been a lot of compartmentalization in my life.”

Even though her life may be busier than most of us, Ms. Evanoff strives to give 100% of her effort to each job she has.

“It’s really hard to manage my time,” said Ms. Evanoff. “Just last night I was grading essays in my bed and I kept falling asleep and I had to accept that I wasn’t going to finish. There have been days when I have to come in late because my husband travels for work and I have to drop Edda off at her daycare. There are little things that make me feel imperfect, but I just try and do the best that I can.”

Even though her schedule may be packed now, Ms. Evanoff will take on yet another responsibility this spring by becoming an additional college counselor for the oversized class of 2018.

“College counseling is such an important thing, but I’m not worried that I won’t do a good job because I know I’ll work hard. I just don’t have the experience that Nila or Lisa has, but I’ve been in training for two years working on this, so I’ll be ready and I know I will have a lot of support,” said Ms. Evanoff.

Not only is she preparing to be a college counselor, but Ms. Evanoff has also stepped in as the dean for the class of 2017 this year. Following Richard Brownstone, Ms. Evanoff had big shoes to fill. Maddie Lloyd (‘17) commented on the transition from Brownstone to Evanoff.

Ms. Evanoff has done an amazing job as our dean so far. Seniors are all incredibly busy right now, so we might not see her as much as we would like, but she’s making everything run smoothly from behind the scenes. I interact a lot with Ms. Evanoff through senior committee where she is extremely dedicated to making sure the seniors are happy and keeping senior events organized,” said Maddie. “Even though she hasn’t known many of us for long, what makes her an amazing dean is her willingness to learn about all of us as individuals and devote her time to us.”

No amount of stress or work will ever threaten Ms. Evanoff’s friendly and gracious personality.

“The most important thing to me about my job is the person sitting in front of me at any given moment,” said Ms. Evanoff. “Whether it’s another teacher, Mr. DeJesus, or a student, I can suspend everything else that I’m doing in order to be with that person. This is the best way for me to do my job well. The people who are in front of me are the most important to me.”


Bobby Shepetin is enjoying his second year on the Prism Staff. He particularly enjoys writing profiles, and this year is the News and Features Editor. Outside of journalism, Bobby plays baseball, basketball, and serves as a peer mentor for freshmen.

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