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New Music: Female-Fronted Alternative

Are you yearning for a new eclectic, alternative, punk, or indie band to obsess over? Do you want to show off your quirky music taste to your friends? These grungy, lesser-known artists, many of whom would be performing around the city right now if not for the pandemic, are producing music that is incredibly unique yet catchy, producing EPs and albums that are all too easy to fall in love with.

Destroy Boys

Armed with startlingly powerful vocals, guitar riffs, and drums, Destroy Boys is a band to be reckoned with. The Sacramento-based band exudes the garage punk energy seen in the 90s, falling alongside Green Day and Riot Grrrl bands like Bikini Kill and L7. The most popular of their songs, “I Threw Glass at My Friend’s Eyes and Now I’m on Probation” from their 2017 album Sorry, Mom, is chaotic (as seen from the title), energy-filled, and has an enticing storyline. “American River, another song filled with catchy melodies and another relatable and nostalgic story, was released in 2018 and appeared on their album Make Room, takes the listener to American River Drive, the street that the lead singer Alexia Roditis’ high school is on. Detailing a traumatic high school experience, Destroy Boys take listeners back to gym class with mentions of getting slammed by a dodgeball, an experience that is universally unappreciated. 

Dazey and the Scouts

Boston’s post-puritan punk scene, centered around grungy basement venues, is a truly remarkable atmosphere to witness. Dreary basements filled with the unpleasant essence of cigarette smoke, mildew, and Axe Body Spray is where Dazey and the Scouts emerged from. Slowly gaining credibility from word of mouth spread after their enrapturing live sets, they became notorious in the Boston punk scene. Despite having only one album, Maggot, out, Dazey and the Scouts began capturing hearts on Tik Tok where recently, their most popular song “Wet” became an overnight sensation. Their songs tell stories of yearning for affection, struggling through the transition into adulthood, and questioning gender identity, as seen in “Sweet Cis Teen,” a song tackling larger issues like heteronormativity and general acceptance in society. Every song on Maggot is bound to make heads turn and might even make you a fan in the process.

Sir Chloe

Based in Brooklyn, Sir Chloe has taken the indie alternative music scene by storm after their song “Michelle went viral on Tik Tok. Dana Foote, Sir Chloe’s singer and guitarist, drew inspiration from a variety of artists when writing their 2020 album Party Favors. St. Vincent, Cage the Elephant, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, and even Mitski all pushed Dana to experiment with the sound that their group creates. Some songs like “Walk You Home,” are calm with steady guitar strumming and soft singing while others like “Animal” or “Too Close” are rougher, starting out with rhythmic palm mutes and vocals akin to Bikini Kill rather than an indie band. With the amount of variety in their songs and the impending release of a new album, every listener can find a new favorite among Sir Chloe’s discography.

Ariel View

With only upwards of two thousand followers on Spotify, the indie rock band Ariel View is most definitely one you have not heard of. The California-based band, fronted by sisters Harmonie and Heaven Martinez, dabbles in punk sounds and gracefully navigates the inspiration of surf-rock in their single “Fake Friends.” The single expressing heartbreak is filled with flowing guitar melodies paired with equally intricate rhythm guitar elements which back the piece and channel the sounds of Le Tigre and even Green Day. The band who performs in mostly backyard, bar, or basement venues will draw you in with catchy songs like “Reptilia, and make you anxiously await their next release.

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