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New Year’s Resolutions

       The Fitness Center is always crowded, but one might expect to see an especially large crowd in the week following New Year’s Eve, as students attempt to fulfill their resolutions. At the end of the year, many people set a New Year’s resolution for themselves in order to change for the better. The reasoning behind having a resolution is to reflect on the last year and attempt to make a change for the upcoming one. Many students give themselves New Year’s resolutions, which can range from academic goals to changes made to one’s daily lifestyles. Hopefully people stick with what they set their minds to after the sunrise of 2017, and winter break does not go by as fast as some people’s New Year’s resolutions!

Nate Antoine (‘17): I want to be a better me. I want to make sure I accomplish all my goals, rid myself of my flaws, and create happiness for myself.

Andrew Enger (‘18): I would say I’m going to try and focus on what is really important in life, rather than all the superficial things that we are surrounded by in today’s day and age.

Eve Berrie (‘18): My resolution is to stay calm and take everything one day at a time and to get into college!

Landon Thomas (‘20): For the upcoming year I want to become more organized for my classes at school along with becoming a better student.

Will Pom (‘18): My New Year’s resolution is to get more sleep!

Dylan Fineman (‘20): For the upcoming year, my goal is to try and make more of an effort to check in with other people and see how they are doing on a more daily basis.

Lucy Bernstein: (‘20) I want to try to cut down on sugar intake, but I will still eat candy, just on a more limited basis.

Abbey Flamm (‘19): My New Year’s resolution is to to do better in school and put in more time on my work.

Noah Goodman, a senior in his second year on the Prism, is co-editor in chief for the Packer Prism.

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