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New Year’s Resolutions

2017 is finally coming to a close, and Packer students have a lot to say about how they’d like to improve their lives next year. New Year’s resolutions, a tradition that was established around over 4,000 years ago by Babylonians, are a way of setting goals for the future. Students have shared their resolutions for 2018, so take a look for laughs and possibly some inspiration for your own plan.


Willa Gilbert-Goldstein (‘20) wants to use her phone less. To do this, she is actually using her phone, but not in the way you would think. She downloaded an app called Forest that allows someone to set a time to focus on something, and a tree grows every time the time lapses without their phone being turned on.


Mele Buice (‘21) wants to improve her writing skills, especially in history class, by reading more and expanding her vocabulary.


Grace Enger (‘20) is planning to exercise more. She will tackle this goal by using her free periods to work out.


Zuzu Albano (‘19) wants to be able to do an aerial and “to have super nice abs”; she will approach this task by practicing and exercising every day.


Zach Redhead-Laconte (‘20) also wants to exercise more, so he is planning on going to Morning Fitness more often.


Carly Mraz (‘21) has decided that she wants to get better at time management. She says she will attempt to do this “by creating systems to help [her] focus and try not to use technology.” She is also setting out to try all of the possible bubble tea flavors to become a more well-rounded fan and decide which is the absolute best.


Jack Reisler (‘20) is planning to “do at least one nice thing every day” by approaching people and giving compliments.


Good luck to all of the students setting goals for themselves for the new year!

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