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Packer Poll: Democratic Presidential Candidates

Recently, there has been more and more talk of the various democratic presidential candidates to potentially face Trump. We polled 50 members of the Upper School Student Body on their opinions concerning the Democratic primary candidates through an anonymous survey. Here are the results:

First Place: Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg has the most support, with 37.8% of Packer students polled supporting him (that’s more than 5 times the national support level). This makes sense because Buttigieg’s main support base have been intellectuals and young people, both of which characterize Packer students.

Most of the Packer students who say they support him do so because of his character. In the anonymous survey, people said that they made their decision “because he is the most diverse of thought and has the most perspective” and “he’s handled being in the public eye and being outspoken about his beliefs very well.”

Second Place: Joe Biden

In second place comes Joe Biden, with 24.3% of Packer supporting him. Of these people, 80% of them do so not because they like his policy, but because he is the most electable. This also follows national polls, which show that Democrats are mostly following Biden because of his electability. This is likely the result of the fact that Trump is so unpopular within the Democratic party right now that many Democrats’ first priorities are to get Trump out of the oval office rather than getting there ideal candidate in.

Third Place: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Beto O’Rourke

After Buttigieg and Biden, there is a tie between Sanders, Warren, and O’Rourke for third place. 8.1% of Packer students support each of them. However, the reasoning for supporting Beto O’Rourke is very different from the reasoning people gave for supporting Sanders or Warren.

While Sanders and Warren supporters feel strongly about their candidate because they agree with their values or policies, those who support Beto O’Rourke said that they do so because of the people around them. In the anonymous survey, one person said they supported him “because it’s the popular opinion and not for a lot of other reasons.” Another said “My parents liked him in the Senate election I think. As you can tell I am not too well versed on politics.”

Fourth Place: Andrew Yang

After Warren comes Yang, with 5.4% of Packer supporting him. So far, his main platform has been his universal basic income plan, which guarantees a minimum amount of money given to every citizen of the US. This was likely the reason why everyone in who supports him does so purely because of this idea.

Fifth Place: Kamala Harris, Steve Bullock, and Amy Klobuchar

In last place, there is another three-way tie, this one between Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Steve Bullock. All students supporting these candidates had clearly done their research–the Kamala Harris supporter said they support her “because her political ideologies and values closely align with mine, and because I think she’s qualified and respectable,” and the Bullock supporter said they liked him because he is  “[The] Governor of a Trump state, [a] centrist, climate friendly but not too far left, [and a] younger version of Biden almost.” This clear and detailed reasoning goes to show that those who support more obscure candidates tend to be the people who have done more research, probably because they had to dig out the information about their candidates.

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