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Packerween: Best-Dressed Students

Packerween, one of Packer’s most beloved traditions, is met with new clever, creative, and cute ideas every year. This year, we decided to rate the top costumes, and have come up with this list of students with the best costumes.

  1. Asher Bank (‘19), Quint Schorr (‘19), Jack Beaumont (‘19), Honor Stringer (‘19), Emma Eaton (‘19),  and Evan Chen (‘19) stun the schoolyard with a classic Gossip Girl look, distinguished by plaid skirts and collared shirts.
  2. Eli Harrell (‘20) and Ethan Rothschild (‘20) successfully fool their classmates, wearing masks of each other’s faces and dressing in identical clothing.
  3. Delilah Draper (‘18) and Lucie Bisbee (‘18) kill it as Clueless characters Cher and Dionne in plaid schoolgirl uniforms.
  4. Farida Salami (‘20) and Angelica Sang (‘20) take on Freddy and Wilma of the 1960s TV show The Flintstones, channeling their inner cavemen.
  5. Pilar Bylinsky (‘20), Jordyn Pierre-Raphael (‘20), Olivia Furman (‘20), Dylan Ng (‘20), Jolie Krebs (‘20), Julian Isikoff (‘20), and Anna Simmons (‘20) rock a Sesame Street number, clown noses, cookies, and all.
  6. Rhea Lieber’s (‘18) take on Fiske’s Guide to Colleges wins innumerable laughs from the student body, especially seniors, who are currently undergoing the application process.
  7. Evan Myers (‘20) and Chaz Saferstein (‘20) pull off Will Ferrell’s look in 2008 comedy Semi-Pro.
  8. Amelia Killackey (‘21), Lily Bowman (‘21), Bella Pitman (‘21), Sophie Marcus-Wade (‘21), and Millie Howard (‘21) take us back to our childhood with their Winnie the Pooh-inspired costumes.
  9. Liney Kindler (‘18), Lucy Alsop (‘18), and Eve Berrie (‘18) steal the show with costumes inspired by television show Grey’s Anatomy, fooling many into believing they are in fact professional doctors.

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