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Reaching New Levels of Teaching

Each year as the new school year rolls around, new faculty from different occupations and backgrounds join the Packer community. This year, in the Upper School there are ten new members of the faculty and they all bring promising hopes and opportunities to the Packer community. In the annual convocation ceremony, before the singing of the Alma mater and “Packer Packer”, Mr. De Jesus introduced all the faculty in a slideshow with pictures and fun facts. We welcome all our new teachers and faculty listed below and wish them the best of luck in the packer Community!

Amy Szczepanski, Packer’s new chemistry and physics teacher, first started teaching in Canarsie and Detroit. She brings with her an abundance of real-world experiences from her time working in a research lab where she studied different cancers, carcinogens, and microevolution. As a new member of the faculty, Ms. Szczepanski is excited to blend her energetic and eager personality with other very intelligent faculty members at Packer and get to know her students on a personal level.

Carla Kelly, the new tenth and twelfth grade learning specialist, is excited to work and engage with the students and faculty of Packer, as she is describes herself as an extremely social person with “a wealth of experience in areas of life outside academia.” Before coming to Packer, Ms. Kelly worked at a community school in the Bronx as a Special Educator and Model Teacher. Before starting her teaching career, she worked for the Universal Music Group, a world famous record label company.

As the new Upper School Assistant, Grisel Mora joins the Packer community with experience acting on TV! Behind Packer’s daily hectic scene is Ms. Mora, the backbone of the Upper School. Along with her strong analytical and editorial skills, Ms. Mora brings her self described “kind and understanding” personality, a very important part of any educational environment. Ms. Mora decided to work in education because of the large positive impact that her teachers had on her while growing up, and the profession brings back nostalgic feelings of a comfortable, safe, and happy atmosphere.

The Dean of the Class of 2022 and a Spanish One Teacher, Michael Barbaro, is excited to become a part of the diverse Packer community! Previously, Mr. Barbaro worked at the Trinity School in Manhattan for three years as the Associate Chaplain, Director of Service for grades K-12, and taught also Spanish. After Moving to Washington, D.C. in 2015, Mr. Barbaro worked at The Beauvoir School as Chaplain and Director of Service. Fast forward to the present, and Mr. Barbaro is thrilled to be back in New York City, bringing his empathetic, kind, and caring personality along with him! Mr. Barbaro is also the father of two four year old fraternal twin boys, Giovanni and Luciano, so look out for them as they trail behind him each morning!

This year, Packer is lucky to be adding an extremely experienced and excited tech and computer science teacher, who is more than willing and able to help students and teachers with tech-related needs. Saber Khan has been teaching for 15 years in both New York City and San Francisco, and has taught computer science for the last five. Mr. Khan lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with his partner and their newborn identical twin girls. Mr. Khan looks forward to being able to demonstrate the impact that technology has on our everyday lives throughout the Packer community!

The Upper School’s newest faculty members are all very excited to join the Packer community and spread their knowledge with students and faculty. Welcome, new faculty!

Carly Mraz is currently a sophomore at The Packer Collegiate Institute and is the Opinion- Editorial editor (alongside Hannah) for The Prism this year. Carly is a member of the Harvard Model Congress club here at packer and a player on the Girls soccer team. Outside of school, Carly is almost always dancing, hanging out with friends, or wasting time watching Tik Toks. Carly can be reached at

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