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Road Trippin’ For Clinton

Considering that most students are currently ineligible to vote for the upcoming election, many plan to support their respective candidates in other ways. In particular, a group, guided by Rhea Lieber (’18), Lucy Simon (’17), and Eleanor Happy (’19), intend to do some major campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

On Election Day, November 8, this band of “die-hard Hillary supporters,” as Rhea brands them, will be driving to Allentown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. There, they will be going from door to door encouraging registered democrats to vote in the hopes of rallying support for their nominee.

This trip is part of a project initiated in 2012 by Rhea’s father, Janno Lieber, who, along with young Rhea herself, traveled to Easton, Pennsylvania to work on the “Get Out the Vote Operation” for Barack Obama. Now, four years later, they plan to undertake the same operation, only this time backed by a team of fervent Packer campaigners.

Of course, such support could easily be done here in New York and would be far less taxing in terms of time and effort. This band of young activists, however, realizes both the futility of campaigning in New York as well as the importance of gaining support in Pennsylvania. Lobbying for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic stronghold that is the Empire State is almost redundant, but promoting her in the battleground state of Pennsylvania may prove vital to this election’s outcome.

Lucy described campaigning for Hillary Clinton as important for the future of the country, emphasizing Clinton’s political expertise and overall intelligence as traits that make her the ideal presidential candidate.

“She really understands the needs of our country while also knowing how to make change within the government…She stands up for a lot of the causes I believe in, women’s rights to their choice in healthcare, LGBT rights, not closing our borders,” said Lucy.

Rhea amiably described her advocacy by simply stating how excited she was for “the first woman, and a truly fabulous one, to be inheriting the role of president of the United States.”

Raphael Wood, a senior in his third year on the Prism staff, is currently co-editor-in-chief of the Packer Prism.

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