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Ryan Mckenna: The Super Bowl Super Star

While Justin Timberlake’s performance was tolerable in comparison to past Super Bowl halftime shows, the person who really stole the show was ‘Selfie Kid.’ Ryan Mckenna, a thirteen year old from Hingham, Massachusetts, was randomly approached by Timberlake while he was singing his  hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Mckenna, instead of living in the moment, struggled to open his phone to take a selfie with Justin Timberlake. He was simultaneously trying to take a selfie with Timberlake while dancing and singing, which made him look awkward, though he seemed to be having a good time.

‘Selfie Kid’ went viral on the Internet minutes later and gained thousands of followers. Many news sources say that he originally had six hundred followers; that number has quickly sparked to 53.7 thousand. After the Super Bowl, he was featured in many tweets, Instagram posts, interviews, and article from big-time news companies. He described how Justin Timberlake was his favorite singer and that he loved the halftime performance.

Though many did not appreciate the songs that Timberlake performed from his new album, he played past hits that made Billboard’s Hot 100. These songs included “SexyBack,” “Rock Your Body,” “Suit and Tie,” and “Mirrors.” The reactions to these songs and how they performed were not all bad, though in comparison to many past adored halftime shows (like Prince and Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay), many were disappointed.

During his show, Justin Timberlake played a tribute to Prince which was bashed by many but appreciated by others. As he did this, purple lights, which were symbolic of Prince’s character, shown through the U.S. Bank Stadium as well as through the city itself.

Although Justin Timberlake’s performance was mediocre and his tribute to Prince was disliked by many, ‘Selfie Kid’ was appreciated by many who watched the show.

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