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Shen Gallery Exhibition Article

At the end of last month, September 26th, the Shen Gallery opened a new exhibit, titled Finding the Point of Balance: Early and Recent Work by Packer’s own Mr. Eric Baylin. Mr. Baylin is Packer’s Upper School Art teacher and an experienced artist with a plethora of artwork to his name. The exhibition was created to showcase some of Mr. Baylin’s work from different time periods throughout his career and to celebrate his tremendous artwork. Michael Miller, Upper School Digital Video and Journalism teacher, approached Mr. Baylin about the idea this past summer.

When asked about his role in the exhibition, Mr. Miller said “I was the person who wanted to have a show of Mr. Baylin’s work and hung all of the work as a curator. We thought it would be an amazing teaching tool for students and faculty alike to see the sort of trajectory of Mr. Baylin’s career…everyone can enjoy different time periods of art and actually get a chance to enjoy all the sort of different phases of his career as an artist.” The exhibition includes work from throughout his successful career, with pieces from his childhood, as well as more recent pieces.

“[Balance] is a central theme that runs through my artwork” said Mr. Baylin, “So, it is particularly evident in the most recent work in the branches, balancing and finding ways to make things stand up in interesting ways, but it is also something that is seen in some of my earlier work”. In accompaniment with the exhibition there is an upcoming live performance of wall drawing, one of Mr. Baylin’s styles of work he has developed throughout his career.

“[It is] Just making pictures on the wall by the movement of my arm, so I am creating a performance for October 26th that will happen in the 5th floor art room with a lot of people helping out and it is choreographed almost like a dance.”  said Mr. Balin. The gallery is now open, located on the second floor in the Carol Shen gallery, and it is an exciting exhibition that should not be missed.


Yusuf Haque is currently a junior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and the layout editor for the Packer Prism this year. He has worked as a reporter and assistant layout editor, and has worked on a number of pieces for the Prism. These include topics such as sports, profiles, and entertainment. Outside of the Prism he is a member of the debate club, a leader of miscellaneous skills club, and on the varsity soccer team. He also is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Yusuf can be reached at

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