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Should Team Managers Receive Gym Credit?

Over time, the student body and the physical education department have had their doubts on whether or not students should be able to receive a gym credit by being a team manager. Many feel that PE’s main purpose is to get students to exert themselves physically, whether that be by playing on a sports team or doing yoga or gym. Pippa Maywell, the head of the physical education department, spoke about her opinion on this issue.

I do not enjoy the fact that managers receive PE credit, but sadly, students are rarely willing to do something for nothing. Without offering this, it would be very hard to find managers,” Pippa said. She has explored other options for managers, such as having a fitness center requirement, but this  has been proven to be difficult.

Being a manager is a significant time commitment – particularly the basketball season – and so while it’s not unreasonable to offer something in return, I would prefer that it wasn’t PE credit, as obviously the student is not participating in any physical activity,” she added.

Georgia Fine, a junior who has participated in PE, yoga, and tennis, supported Pippa’s opinion on this issue.

She said,“I think that managing a team requires no athletic skill or ability, and you do not exert yourself physically, which is what a PE credit should be about. Frankly, you just follow around the team and you don’t even go to every game.”

 On the other hand, Katie Lobel, who has managed both the girls varsity soccer team and the girls varsity basketball team, has a different opinion on the subject. Having Katie speak on this gives the perspective on the responsibilities and hard tasks that are given to a team manager.

Katie said, “Managing is a position that will always need to be filled as long as sports teams continue to exist. In other words, it’s a job that somebody needs to do every year,” she said, when asked for her thoughts on the issue, she said, Due to the significant time commitment it requires, it simply makes sense to receive gym credit. The manager is responsible for attending every game the team plays, and there can be up to 4 games a week, so if I wasn’t getting gym credit for managing I’m not sure how else I would be able to fit a different gym credit into my schedule.”


  • Kevin Shephard October 10, 2017

    What does managing a team have to do with the standards and objectives learned in a physical education?


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