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by Brando Babini

Sonder Strangers: People in New York City

Essay by Sage Lewit — Photos by Zoe Wholman (Calhoun ’22), Brando Babini (Grace Church ’23), and Sage Lewit

The busyness of the city that never sleeps has started to impede on the stillness of quarantine. Storefronts are open. Restaurants have turned our city into a replica of a European magazine. The energy flowing from person to person between smiles through a mask, waves to our once daily acquaintances, and the simple glance at a crosswalk of passing by another human being has started to bring our city back to its usual joy and livelihood. 

Traffic on Allen St by Brando Babini

Three Men in an Alley by Zoe Wholman

Sasha McFarland (‘21) “Since people have figured out how to deal [with the virus]… everyone seems more energetic… There is more joy between people… with outdoor seating… restaurants… it is more lively.”

Cashews on Canal by Brando Babini

Souk and Sandwhich on 6th Ave. by Sage Lewit

Interspersed between these moments of rejoicing and love, there is an inordinate amount of pain that is abnormally recognizable. From poverty and homelessness, broken down families, and a corrupt governmental system New York City manages to stay connected as a whole: though this cannot negate the struggle of many around us.

Atlantic Beach Nursing Home by Brando Babini

Heating on Houston by Sage Lewit

“Seeking Human Kindness” by Brando Babini

Night Boxing in the East Village by Sage Lewit

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