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Songs and Movies of Summer ‘17: Which summer songs and movies were most loved by the Packer community?

By: Andreas Tsiaras & Maddie Gunnell

Summer 2018 was stock-full of astounding movies and music. Some of the season’s finest films included Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, IT, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Cars 3. As for the best summertime tunes, some highlights were Funk Wav Balances Vol. 1, LUV is Rage 2, “Wild Thoughts” and “Despacito.” When asked about their favorite summer songs and movies, the Packer community offered a number of different answers.

Although many students admitted to not watching many new movies over the summer, there were a few avid movie-watchers.

One summer blockbuster was Wonder Woman, which was met with generally positive reviews. Some, however, had a more negative outlook on the movie.

Photo Taken from Warner Bros

“I know a lot of people think it’s a ‘girl power’ movie, but I kind of find that the way Wonder Woman is portrayed is not very feminist-like, because she always has to have a male sidekick or if she’s left alone she’s stupid and she doesn’t know anything,” said Lily Hupfel (‘20). “It’s only with her male sidekick that she’s powerful.”

IT, a popular horror film that came out late in the summer, impressed horror fans all over the country. However, some thought it was perhaps more than just a horror film.

“It was really good,” said Lauren Scruggs (‘21). “I thought it was funny but still scary at good moments.”

Another popular film was Spider-man: Homecoming, starring popular actors Tom Holland and Zendaya. Some enjoyed the movie, but thought that some of the characters did not “live up to their potential.”

“It was really good, but Zendaya was way overhyped in that, because she appeared for two minutes,” Dylan Ng (‘20). “It was really funny actually. It was kind of corny, but not overly corny.”

Photo taken from iTunes

As with movies, there were a variety of songs that were considered the “song of the summer.” Some of them were: “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, “Bank Account” by 21 Savage, “Transportin” by Kodak Black, “It’s a Vibe” by 2 Chainz, “Glorious” by Macklemore, “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti, “Location by Khalid”, and “Congratulations” by Post Malone. However, many students were more willing to talk about their favourite records of the summer. Student favorites included: Funk Wav Balances Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris, LUV is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert, 17 by XXXTentacion, Good For You by Amine, and Pretty Girls Like Trap Music by 2 Chainz.

This past summer, Taylor Swift released a couple songs that will be on her upcoming album Reputation that raised some controversy. Many people were struck by this album because it is so different from her past albums, which were generally more lighthearted. Chloe Ford (‘20) didn’t think highly of Swift’s hit song on the upcoming album.

“I feel like she made the song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ just to get attention. It’s a catchy song, but I don’t really think there’s a direct message; she just wants attention from other people.” People were struck by the music video for Look What You Made Me Do, because it was so radically different from videos she has done in the past.

“Despacito,” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber, was many students’ song of the summer. However, many mentioned that they thought the song was “inescapable.” Mr. Lacy alluded to this issue, saying that it was way overplayed.

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