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Spring Clubs Kick Off

The second semester of this school year kicked off with an influx of 13 new clubs, with topics ranging anywhere from the fairly self-explanatory Film Club to “Question Everything,” a club whose mission is to “guide the members of the community through a journey to discover why things are the way they are,” as described by its leader, Henry Burns (‘18).

The club process has infamously become more rigorous and selective in the past year in an attempt to deepen the connection of student leaders to their clubs, as well as to increase resources available for clubs.

“We’ve updated the application so that students have to have a stronger vision for what they plan to accomplish in their clubs,” said Dean of Student Life and Leadership Allison Bishop. “Clubs have an increased expectation for meeting and we are improving the accountability process for making sure they meet those expectations. The focus has shifted to developing the depth of our clubs rather than the breadth, so that students can experience true leadership.”

Although this resulted in a major cutback in clubs at the beginning of the year, sparking some outrage in the high school, this year’s number of approved spring clubs is greater than in past years, largely due to an addition of a more formal, organized application process for second semester clubs.

The 13 new clubs are: Film Club, Psychology Club, Statistics Club, Peacefood, Literary Club, Lo-Fi Club, PCI Gaming Club, Packer Republicans, Politics at Packer, Question Everything, House of Cards, Animal Club, and Earth, Wind, and Packer.

Club leadership is “a wonderful opportunity for students to practice and to build their leadership skills while engaging in the community. I also think many students have a passion that they want to share with their classmates,” said Ms. Bishop.

Many student club leaders reiterate this sentiment when speaking about their reasoning for starting their clubs.

“I think the reason I wanted to make [Lo-Fi Club and PCI Gaming Club] and bring them to Packer was because I really enjoy these things and I thought that other members of the community would really like them as well,” said Adam Kaplan (‘19), a new leader of both clubs.

Clubs are an excellent way for students to share their passions with the community, as is reflected in the widely varied topics of the 55 ongoing clubs.

On the other hand, “others want to do something fun with their friends, and there are always those who are looking to enhance their resume for the college application process,” said Ms. Bishop.

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