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Spring of Sports

Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee, a team only in its fourth year at Packer, has quickly become one of the most popular spring sports. This year the team boasts upwards of thirty players, one of Packer’s largest teams. “It’s been great to have everyone from freshman to seniors playing, participating, and learning a new sport,” said captain Alex Borinstein (‘18).

Not only has Packer’s ultimate program grown quickly, but it has become one of the best; challenging for DiscNY titles under the leadership of Alex, also known as Disc God. This year the team narrowly beat Horace Mann in the semi-finals, which Alex said “was a great matchup, as we had already had two very competitive matchups with them this season.”

Last year’s loss remained a source of motivation for Alex, who explained that “the loss to Horace Mann in the championship game last year hurt and that stuck with me,” so this years victory against them served much needed revenge.

Unfortunately, the team did eventually meet its match in the finals, losing 11-9 to Riverdale in a close and competitive game.

Looking ahead, Alex said that it is his goal for ultimate frisbee, the team that he created, to have a long lasting impact on Packer. “Everyone should continue the legacy after I leave, because I want this sport to be not only for me, but for everyone in the community, because frisbee can create such great bonds between people,” he reflected.



Packer’s Golf team has had another successful year, remaining undefeated in league play as well as capturing the ACIS title. Captain Ethan Ng (‘18) said, “My goals coming into this season were to win the league and to remain undefeated in the league, both of which we have achieved so far.”

This improvement has also been seen on an individual level by Ethan who said that “the biggest goal of mine was to see improvement in each of our players this season, which I have.”

Ethan mentioned some key players on the team this year mentioning “Stephane De’Brechard (‘20) has been a great young player and is vastly improved from last year, as well as beating me on two occasions this year, which he will never let me live down.”

Ethan also said that “Liam Springer (‘18) has had a big role, and we have a lot of good players that came in this year which has made us a really deep team compared to other teams.”


Boys Varsity Volleyball:

Boys Varsity Volleyball has been a commanding presence in the ACIS league, capturing the regular season title for the first time in recent history, as well as winning the playoff title. Captain Max Kern (‘18) praised his team’s success, saying that “it’s been a while since we have been as dominant in our league as we have been this year, and our great chemistry has really shown.”

Max credited the great team effort to ”a lot of improvement and a big change in the level of focus and care this year,” as well as saying that “I’m proud of how the team has come together, even having some pretty different personalities.”

Max also mentioned that they are a “pretty fun team with the best playlist of any Packer team, as well as the coolest warm up gear with the sleeveless hoodies.”

The team has gone forward to capture the playoff title, defeating Saint Ann’s in an exciting rivalry match that saw Packer win by a score of 3-1. The team will also be taking part in the inaugural Boys Volleyball NYSAIS tournament.

As a large portion of the team is made up of seniors, Max mentioned some potential key players in future years, including “Josh Epstein (‘20), who will be a great center for sure, Milo Kern (‘20), our up and coming outside who has been starting this year, as well as Blair Chase (‘20), who is new to the game but has been playing well.”

With such a large number of the team leaving next year, Max urges anyone with any interest to join the team.


Track and Field:

One of Packer’s staple spring sports, track and field has once again had great success this year. The season went very well for the boys team, who won the ACIS championship. “We beat Friend Seminary pretty handily,” said Peter Cembalest (‘20), one of the team’s star runners. Peter credited the success at the final ACIS meet against Friends Seminary to his  team, stating that they “placed first, second, and third in the 400 meter, 800 meter, 1 mile and 2 mile runs, along with 1st and 4th place in the 200, and other key events in relay and jumps.”

The girls team also had success, finishing in second place in the ACIS bracket. Peter said that the girls team “has some very good freshman and sophomore runners” who helped them on their way to another strong league performance.

After the completion of the ACIS league, the team is now looking forward to the NYSAIS state tournament. “It has been a great season and we are looking forward to doing our best at NYSAIS,” Peter shared.

Boys Tennis

This season, the boys tennis team accomplished something the school has not seen in a long time; a boys tennis championship. “We were really in it to win from the beginning. It was also about establishing the tennis team as a real staple of the Packer sports community with our first championship. [It’s] something that really puts us out there as a real Packer team,” said Arch Latham (‘18), one of the seniors on the team.

Another team leader, Max Marshall (‘18) said “As a team, obviously our end goal was to win the championship, which we did in addition to winning the league title. So we were able to accomplish team goal.”

Max also praised some key players on the team, saying “We had some great standout players like Alex Smith, Angus Kearny, and Jake Srebnick, who all helped us win the championship.”

Arch also said “We would all like to give a big thanks to Jon and Ali our coaches. They helped us get to the final, which was where we aspired to be at the beginning of the season.

About the final, Max said “It felt great, and there was a great atmosphere at the finals. Angus Kearney (‘18) performed really well to win it for us in a big game against one of his rivals from Dwight, so it was a really special feeling for him.”

“There was a lot of team energy going in to the championship, especially after losing last years final to Dwight and getting the chance to have a rematch. It was very special for sure and we all really wanted to come away with the win. It was even more special playing on the U.S Open Court in Queens, and senior year to have a great comeback story so it was a great feeling,”Max added


Girls Tennis:

After the Girls Tennis team was revamped last year, the team has only continued to grow. The team now boasts over 10 players, and made a strong push in the ACIS league. The team this year was knocked out against Nightingale in the playoffs.

“I think that we had a good season,” said Liv Furman (‘20). “We benefited from some new players on the team this year, especially the freshman presence, which was awesome” she continued.

Despite facing adversity, the team is continually growing and looking ahead to next year. “This year was definitely a building year,” Liv said. She added “next year will also be a building year, but hopefully we can begin to work on competition strategy as well as strengthening our lineup.”



In a season where it was uncertain if there would be enough people to field a baseball team, Packer still fought through to have a good season. “We came into the season losing a lot of starting seniors from last year” said Jojo Aboaf (‘18).

With so many new players, the teams goal was  “to develop some of our new players and get everyone a lot of playing time,” as well as “at least make it to the playoffs” Jojo said.

The baseball team made their way to the ACIS finals, where their strong effort just came short of a league title in a championship match that they narrowly lost to Berkeley Carroll. Jojo said “we really overachieved from where we had initially set our goals, so we are all really proud of where we went this year.”

Jojo also added that one of his goals was to develop the future of the team. “The biggest impact that I wanted to have was to leave a future for this team by getting a lot of younger players involved, and getting freshman playing time and experience” he said.

The future of the team does look bright as Jojo said “All of our freshman and sophomore players have a lot of potential and have achieved a lot already.”



The Softball team has had another good year, with a very successful season. In league play, the team won the ACIS league title. Taking advantage of some great team chemistry, the team also made a challenge in the AAIS tournament under the leadership of captains Rhea Lieber (‘18), Eve Berry (‘18), and Ava Horn (‘19). After playing hard, the team persevered through injuries to players Eliza Johnson (‘18) and Sofia Saldanha (‘19), to make at all the way to the semi-finals, where they were defeated by Spence.

Yusuf Haque is currently a junior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and the layout editor for the Packer Prism this year. He has worked as a reporter and assistant layout editor, and has worked on a number of pieces for the Prism. These include topics such as sports, profiles, and entertainment. Outside of the Prism he is a member of the debate club, a leader of miscellaneous skills club, and on the varsity soccer team. He also is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Yusuf can be reached at

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