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Students Still Use Facebook, Snapchat Most Popular

Houseparty is everyone’s new favorite app, and if you ask a freshman, Facebook is rapidly dying. But what social media platforms are students at Packer really using?

At Packer there is a common misconception that Facebook is dead or dying. But according to an article by Small Business Trends, Facebook is still by far the most popular form of social media in 2016. Facebook is followed quickly by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. But a look at what Packer students use shows quite an aberration from these trends.

“[Facebook] is useful for anyone, but nowadays mainly parents just use it to catch up with college friends and such,” said Nina Houston (‘19).

52.5% of Packer students reportedly said they use Snapchat the most out of any social media app. Next was Instagram with 24.6% and Facebook with 21.3%, then followed Phhhoto with 1.6% respectively. Two people reportedly said they use Vine the most, but the app no longer exists. Although Facebook trails behind Snapchat and Instagram, it still has a steady following with 21.3% of Packer users citing it as their favorite social media platform. Upper classmen use Facebook far more than underclassmen. In fact, many freshmen and sophomores do not even have a Facebook account.

“Facebook is just for kinda old people, and Phhhoto is just a passing phase and wasn’t really something that was ever going to last long,” said Kaitlin Flores (’19).

Many seniors still say that they still use Facebook frequently, especially for news sources and online videos.

“I think [Facebook] is still alive, but the younger generations aren’t really using it. I have a brother who says that everyone in [ninth] grade doesn’t use it,” said Eli Isakov Isikoff (‘17). “I use it to keep in touch with my friends, and I like the instant messaging to keep track of other things. I use it to keep in touch with what is going on socially in the world”.

Over the summer, a new app, Phhhoto, became popular as it allowed people to post moving pictures. It seems to have slowly died out while another new app Houseparty, a multi-person facetime, has hit the ground running. Houseparty allows multiple people to video chat in a “room” of a hypothetical house.

“I think [Houseparty] is a very smart idea, and I’m actually surprised that no one had thought of it before. Multi-person face time is legitimately useful, although I don’t use it for schoolwork. I check Facebook, check Instagram, and then I’ll hit up Houseparty to see who’s there,” said Harry Slattery (’17).

Last school year, a new social media network, AfterSchool, became extremely popular for a short time. Similar to the app “Yik Yak,” it’s an anonymous network, so no one knew what others posted. The main idea of the app was to have students anonymously post confessions on their school’s private message board. It was a form of social media that was very controversial in the Packer community due to the drastic cases of cyberbullying.

“[AfterSchool] was really a place to get hurt,” said Faison Branch (‘18). “It made a safe space for people to talk about others behind their back, which seemed very wrong.”

“Stupid. Mean. Sooooo 2016.” said Julia McCormick (‘18).

Although many Upper Schoolers took the initiative to delete it early on, there are still a vast number of freshman who continue to use the app.

“I had it for a while, and then I deleted it, and then I got it again, so it’s sort of addicting in a sense.” said Hannah Jatsch (‘20).

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