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Summer Jobs For Packer Students

Over the summer, many students decided to enter the real world – contribute to society, get a job. While the experiences that these students had differed greatly, they all gained knowledge about themselves and their summer profession.  

One path that students took this year was doing internships. One such student was Henry Green (‘19). Over the summer, he had two jobs: the Brooklyn Community Center and a political campaign trying to elect Vincent Gentile for Brooklyn District Attorney. At the community center, he did administrative tasks such as comparing their spending to other nonprofits around the city. He was able to acquire this job though Packer’s internship program, which he describes to have worked well.

While he enjoyed working for the campaign, his claimed that his experience did not meet his expectations, stating that the job “was a lot more [time spent] on the street getting signatures [when] I was expecting campaign management.” This just goes to show that, for some, jobs over the summer were not all fun.  

Looking back on his experience over the summer, Henry found that he “liked [the] intense, passionate settings that both were in. Both were working towards the common cause and I thought that was something I wanted to be a part of,” he said. He added that this summer will definitely inform his decisions for college and beyond. Next summer, he plans to do more of the same and get more experience through internships.

Another route that many students took when looking for jobs over the summer was working for Packer’s summer day camp. One such student was Zamien Allard (‘19). Currently in his third year with the camp, he claims to have started working there because one of his friends suggested it to him. It seemed like a good choice because he was able to get the work experience he longed for and the fact that he already attends Packer made it very convenient. A day in the life for Zamien as a Packer camp counselor is a full one. His day starts at 8:40 and goes until around 3:30. He takes his kids swimming, around the school for in class activities, and plays the kids’ favorite game, chase the counselor. However, what Zamien learned from his job was very different from what Henry learned from his. He keeps coming back to work as a counselor each year because he liked what he has been doing every year and he plans on going back next year.  While he did learn skills with children he does not see his experience informing his decisions beyond next year.

The last type of job students had was having what one would call a “normal” job. Max Marshall (‘18) worked as a maitre d’ at his parents’ restaurant, Aqua Grill, a seafood restaurant in the West Village.

He described some of the responsibilities he had as “greeting people, answering phones, training staff, answering emails, doing reservations, making new menus, and fixing old menus.”

He said he worked at the grill to get extra money over the summer and to occupy himself because he didn’t do any other summer programs. He found the experience to be enjoyable and said being with his coworkers to be the highlight of the experience. He feels the job gave him “a positive work ethic,” something he feels he is applying to his school work early in the year. He thinks that the job this summer gave the experience to excel in future jobs in the restaurant business.

These three students are just a small sample of the many students at Packer who took the plunge into life after school. Despite the job they had and the reason they decided to do it, they all learned about both the profession and themselves.

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