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Super Bowl LI

With 19 points down to start the fourth quarter, the Atlanta Falcons completely blew a 28-3 lead. This year’s Super Bowl made history for the first game to ever go into overtime as the New England Patriots stormed back to tie the game in the final minute of regulation.

Many people at Packer were anguished over the results of the game considering the Atlanta Falcons were the favorite team going into this game. Some students have regarded Tom Brady and the Patriots as “the worst franchise in NFL history,” and, “a disgrace to NFL.” Considering Tom Brady was suspended for four games in the beginning of the season for the deflategate scandal, many believe that he didn’t deserve this win or to even go to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots’ win not only was a devastation, but it also reinstates the idea that you can be a horrible person, cheat the system, and still win the Super Bowl. Tom Brady, who is considered one of best quarterbacks in history, has neglected the platform that he has been given, as he is one of the most famous NFL players in the franchise. While athletes are not required to speak on any political or social affairs, many people believe that it should be their obligation to address the public about certain aspects that affect society. When Tom Brady was asked about how domestic violence should be handled within the NFL, instead of showing a firm support for the domestically abused and reinstating that the NFL should punish those players who have domestically abused their partners, he decided to say that he has opinions, but he isn’t going to share them. Way to go Brady!

However, one thing that he has been very open about is his support for Trump. Although he is clearly entitled to his own political beliefs, it makes many people question if he supports all of Trump’s crazy antics. In addition to his “no comment” on the issue of domestic abuse, he was asked about Trump’s comments on “locker room talk,” and Brady walked off the podium. He definitely didn’t have to say much because actions speak louder than words.

Despite Tom Brady’s despicable behavior, he is still considered a great quarterback who led his team to win this year’s Super Bowl. Winning their fifth Super Bowl, the Patriots have a lot of experience under pressure and are not strangers to coming back when they have been down in a game. The Falcons have never been to the Superbowl and definitely let the pressure get to them as they gave up a tremendous lead.

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