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Super Bowl LIII: A Record-Breaking Let-Down

Last Sunday, millions of Americans watched the most anticipated sporting event of the year: the Super Bowl. One draw to the Super Bowl is that it not only appeals to sports fans; the game features entertaining ads and performances from a famous artist. This year, Maroon 5 performed. This year, the Los Angeles Rams played the New England Patriots in Atlanta, GA.  

There was a shortage of cheers this year as the disengaged fans put down their beers and fell asleep after four hours of defense. Not only were the teams in Super Bowl LIII debatable, but it was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history, with a combined score of 16 points, Patriots winning 13-3. Fans were stunned as the second quarter of the predicted to be high-scoring game began 0-0, and the half concluded at 3-0, Patriots.

“The Superbowl wasn’t great this year,” lamented Christof Inderbitzin (‘19). “The past few years, the Superbowl itself has been fun to watch, but their viewership has been going down. This year, they finally stepped up the ads and other spectacles of the show, but the boring game meant that the Super Bowl was another disappointment.”

There were three main indisputable contributors to the low score of the game. First, there was great defense from both teams. Second, the LA Rams being inexperienced and a young, only going to the Super Bowl three times compared to the Patriots 10 Super Bowl appearances, and 6 wins, and their coach, Sean Mcvay, being the youngest coach to go to the Super Bowl, which leads to the third factor, and the Rams got out coached, Mcvay admitting as much, stating that the Patriots coach Bill Belichick is “What’s right about coaching… I got outcoached.”  

The Rams being a younger team ultimately did them a disservice with their young quarterback, Jared Goff, not coming through in key moments, while the Patriot’s Super Bowl veteran, Tom Brady made key plays when he needed to.

Many people say the irony of this game was that while both teams are very different, they are both very offensively strong, high-scoring teams. Football enthusiasts everywhere were expecting a high scoring game and were disappointed by the score. The game was a defensive battle and came down to experience and coaching, which enabled the Patriots to pull through with a key play, scoring a touchdown to secure their win in the fourth quarter.

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