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Talk of the Nest: Holiday Traditions


Question: What holiday traditions do you and your family celebrate?


Natasha Wong (‘18): Over the holidays I love spending time with my family. Every year my sister and I watch Love Actually and the movie gets better every time I watch it!


Katie Lobel (‘18): I just started celebrating a holiday called Noam Chomsky Day. Noam Chomsky is a philosopher who has done a lot of great work and I celebrate his birthday (December 7th)! I’m celebrating because my family doesn’t really believe in organized religions, so I thought it would be cool to celebrate a made up holiday!


Kaitlin Flores (‘19):  My family celebrates Noche Buena. On Christmas Eve we always get a roasted pig, make fried plantains, and on the whole eat a lot of food.


Rashad Randolph — I grew up in a home that was very religious, but we did not celebrate Christmas. Today, our big holiday tradition is to get together on Christmas and have a big meal and watch basketball. Usually get together at my cousin’s house in Queens, and I can promise arguments always start over sports teams.


Grace Warner-Haakmat (‘20): My family usually visits my grandma down in Florida or relatives in North Carolina. I love seeing all my cousins over the holiday break.


Evan Chen (‘19): My family and I celebrate Christmas all together and we always decorate the tree.


Taiki (‘18): On Christmas Eve, we always go out to see our grandparents. My favorite part is seeing all my cousin’s and playing football in my Grandma’s backyard.


Henry Morgan (‘17): Every Christmas Eve my brother and I go reindeer hunting.


Noah Goodman, a senior in his second year on the Prism, is co-editor in chief for the Packer Prism.

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