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The battle for Veep: Packer’s only decision

Packer has a unique Student Council election this year, Abe Rothstein is the only candidate for president and Frayda Lieber is the only candidate for secretary. This unimpressive showing has been characterized as disappointing by those currently on Student Council. This is because the general consensus is that having more ideas only benefits the Packer community. 

The sole contested election this year is for vice president. The two candidates are Charlie Morris (‘21) and Georgia Groome (‘21). Both candidates believe that their past leadership experience will translate well into this position. However, the candidates have very different visions for this position. Charlie has specific and ambitious policy goals; such goals include a shared umbrella system for leaving the building during the school day, a more organized way to catch up on work from missed classes, the use of metal forks and knives for sustainability purposes , and many other specific ideas. Georgia has a much different approach and does not have a specific policy agenda. She will instead opt to put aside her own policies and aim to connect STUCO with the student body more by listening to their ideas: “I don’t want to go into being the vice-president saying these are the specific things that I want to do,” Georgia said. “I want to be like ‘what do you want to do’ ‘bring me your ideas’ and I’ll put that into action.” Despite their different visions for filling the role of vice president; both candidates are passionate about being elected to the position and believe that can make Packer a better place.

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