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Tombline Reaches New Heights

The American Dream is thought of as the ability for U.S. citizens to achieve success and recognition for years of hard work. Russell Tombline, a family man with many hats, has taken the American dream and run with it. A new administrator and advisor to Peer Support and Student Council, Russell still maintains his winsome personality as one of Packer’s most beloved coaches.  

“Time management has been the most challenging thing for me this year because there is so much I need to do in a day,” said Russell. “From 8:00 AM till 3:30 PM my schedule is packed to the point where usually I don’t have time to eat lunch. From 3:30 PM till 6:00 PM I am busy coaching the girls varsity volleyball team.  I am able to leave school by 6:30 PM usually everyday but at home I have a couple hours worth of work that I need to catch up on.”

A family man, Russell has found the support he receives from his wife and daughters, whom are tremendously helpful given his busy schedule.

“I told my family that they may need to be a little more patient with me at home because I have taken on so much this year,” said Russell. “I try not to carry my work life home too much, I really try and put time aside for my family. It’s very important to me that I am always present for my children and wife so the real challenge I have found this year is budgeting my time.”

With his increased administrative role Russell strives to maintain and increase his individual relationship with the student body.

“What I value most about my job here at Packer are the daily interactions that I have with students. If I continue doing more administrative work I really hope not to lose the constant contact I have with students,” said Russell.

Katie Panczner (‘16), a three sport athlete on Russell’s varsity volleyball, basketball, and softball teams, commented on her special coach.

“It is no short of incredible how much time, energy, and care Russell dedicates to every team he coaches, and even more impressive that he somehow manages to keep a smile on his face as he takes on countless responsibilities and balances them all at once,” said Katie. “Not only does he coach and build relationships with countless athletes, but he serves as a mentor to many, facilitates everyone’s academic and athletic experiences at Packer, and challenges his students and players to achieve at their highest”

Our student body president Jordan Tayeh (‘17) also expressed how Russell, as the interim dean of student life, helped his transition into executive office.

“Russell is hard-working, down to earth, grind-it-out guy who is an excellent manager of people and relationships,” said Jordan. “Since he is such a personable man, he already had many pre-existing relationships with many student council members, allowing for a smooth transition. He is extremely dedicated, even giving his time to meet with me on a Sunday to discuss council affairs.”

“The transition is a little more than I imagined,” Russell added. “Sometimes I find myself totally swamped with work and barely treading but I like it because it challenges me. The support from my family and everyone at Packer has been a huge help.”

Bobby Shepetin is enjoying his second year on the Prism Staff. He particularly enjoys writing profiles, and this year is the News and Features Editor. Outside of journalism, Bobby plays baseball, basketball, and serves as a peer mentor for freshmen.

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