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Two Years Early: Jordan Sampson’s 1,000 Career Point

December 20th, 2018 was a seemingly normal day at Packer, but that all changed when a beloved sophomore achieved a feat that, up until then, only seniors had conquered. As she ran up to the basket, dribbling through Spence’s entire team, Jordana (Jojo) Sampson (‘21) scored the ball that marked her 1,000 career point at Packer. Being the first sophomore to ever accomplish such a goal, Jojo will be celebrated in the Packer community for a long time to come.

Jojo has been on the varsity girls basketball team for four years, beginning as a seventh grader along with teammate Jolie Krebs (‘20).

Jojo was tricked by her friends and said she had more points left to score before reaching the impressive benchmark than she actually did, so when she scored her 1000th point, it was an even bigger surprise than it ordinarily would have been. The game was immediately stopped as her fellow teammates congratulated her with hugs and flowers. Not only was Jojo praised by her family and peers, she was receiving encouraging emails from her teachers and was even called up to the stage at Winter celebration by Head of School Dr. Dennis, who dedicated a day to celebrating her.

“I feel really loved in this community and it’s a great feeling to have,” Jojo said.

In addition to being an amazing friend and student, Jojo is loved and admired by her teammates.

“She’s a great teammate all around and has a very reassuring attitude towards helping teammates when they don’t understand a play,” explained Abby Marriott (‘21). “She will always give you a small pep talk on the side and is very good at getting the team motivated in any circumstance.”

Jojo spoke of the encouragement she received from Packer fondly, saying, “I’m very lucky because I could not have achieved this as a sophomore if Packer didn’t let me play as a seventh grader. Packer is so encouraging of young athletes playing at a higher level. Also my teammates, they’re incredible and always encouraging me to be the best I can, and it’s a great feeling to have achieved this, but now I’m thriving for more.”

On January 16th, Jojo was given her 1,000 point ball by her coach, Russell Tombline, who has been coaching her since seventh grade. “Russell is an incredible coach, we have a great relationship because it has been developing and growing over the past four years, but I love that it is built on honesty.” said Jojo.

Russell commented, “I understand she has a passion for the game, so that’s why I push her. I don’t want her talent to go to waste.”

India Brecht is currently a Junior at The Packer Collegiate Institute and a reporter for the Packer Prism this year. During her 9th grade english class she developed her love for writing and was exposed to the creativity and community that Packer holds. Additionally, she is the captain for the girl varsity soccer team. She is never caught without a coffee in hand! India can be reached at

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