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Unorthodox: A Young Woman’s Journey to Independence

While to us, New York City may appear to be one of the most liberal, politically correct cities in America, this is not the case for all who live here. Unorthodox, a Netflix original miniseries released on March 26, follows Esty, a 19-year-old Jewish woman from an ultra-Orthodox community in Williamsburg, as she struggles to break free from her cultural roots. Dissatisfied with her arranged marriage and her limiting existence, she decides to flee to Germany. The series interweaves past and present, giving us a slice of Esty’s former life and her new one. We watch as she acclimates to secular life in Berlin just as we learn of the many harrowing moments in Williamsburg that led her to the decision to leave. At once thrilling and poignant, the four-part series is a must-watch, breaking down boundaries and shedding light on experiences that we will likely never be able to fully comprehend.

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