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Was the Netflix Original, Grand Army, as Grand as It Was Portrayed to Be?

With the recent spike in Covid cases and the rapid approach of Thanksgiving break, it is likely you are assembling a list of shows to binge during your break. Netflix’s original series, Grand Army, based in New York City depicts the teenage experience with sexuality, feminism and femininity, hookup culture, relationships, misogyny, racism and sexual assault. Within the first few minutes of the first episode, the writers were able to evoke a wide range of emotion within the viewer. The show centers around the individual lives of five Grand Army students and their experiences with attending a school in the heart of Brooklyn and the center of a heart wrenching disaster. Adapted from Katie Cappiello’s 2013 play, Slut, the viewers witness the character’s attempts to be social and political warriors and use their privilege to be the change they want to see in society. The diverse cast and backgrounds of the characters offer an opportunity for all viewers to see themselves reflected on screen. The predominantly New York raised cast allowed room for authenticity when illustrating the New York experience which contributed to the ease many viewers had with sympathizing and connecting with the characters that were portrayed. Within the first week of Grand Army’s release, the show managed to rank in Netflix’s Top Ten Esteemed Series which was a well deserved position as the show accurately exemplifies the journey in finding your voice as a teenager, especially within the bounds of New York. Netflix’s nine episode series was a quick and worthwhile watch as the universal theme of activism, whether it is performative or otherwise, offers the viewer an opportunity to self reflect and determine or reestablish their priorities in a society driven by advocacy. 

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