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We Have Some Good News From John Krasinski

Image is a screenshot from the first episode of SGN.

The Office fans and lovers of the 2018 thriller A Quiet Place were all likely excited to discover actor John Krasinski has started his very own YouTube channel:“SomeGoodNews” or “SGN” for short. Krasinski sits in front of his at-home desk with the top half of a suit and delivers only the positive news (with the occasional visit from acclaimed actress and his wife, Emily Blunt).

To date, Krasinski has posted four episodes to his new channel. His first video attracted millions of fans as Krasinski not only provided stacks of good news, but engaged in a Zoom call with his The Office co-star Steve Carrell, reminiscing on old memories of their beloved show and even including clips from different episodes. 

The second episode of SGN brought a Zoom performance from the original Broadway Hamilton cast, including Lin-Manuel Miranda and other stars. In the third episode, Krasinski collaborated with professional baseball player David Ortiz to treat some courageous healthcare providers from Krasinski’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, to a visit to Fenway Park. 

His most recent episode, entitled “Prom 2020” shed light on this year’s highschool seniors and recognized that their prom, like many other pivotal high school events, was canceled this year. Krasinski decided to put on a virtual prom of his own, treating watchers and participants to performances from the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper and Billie Eilish; actors Brad Pitt and Rainn Wilson also guest-starred in this episode. 

In a world of uncertainty in which the media can seem to many like a constant influx of bad news, John Krasinski is using his platform as an actor and entertainer to shine light on the positive side of things. He honors the essential workers who work tirelessly every day and makes direct Zoom calls to fans who have happy news to share. The influence of celebrities is powerful, and luckily for us, John Krasinski is using his for good.

Madeleine Farr is currently a sophomore at the Packer Collegiate Institute and is a reporter for the Prism this year. This is her first year on the Prism. She joined the Prism hoping to expand her journalism skills and learn more about the role it plays in communities today. In addition to writing for the Prism, Madeleine enjoys reading, art, playing volleyball for Packer, and going to Vivi Bubble Tea with her friends. Madeleine can be reached at

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